Monday at the Movies

I started this last night and it’s better than I expected. A youth spent reading A LOT of fantasy has left me somewhat jaded; after a while you’ve seen “this” plot and “this” plot device before. (I haven’t read the books behind this series.) Wheel of Time is well-acted and does a fair job of giving you the details you need to understand this world while moving the story along.

If I have one gripe, it’s not just with this movie but a general complaint. I get very bored with long fight or chase scenes. We’ve all seen the good guys fight the trolls and, no, your troll fight just isn’t that much different. Generally, you could put up a caption: “Here, a very long fight occurs, but the good guys win in the end,” and I’d be fine with it.

I’m definitely looking forward to further installments.

5 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. try Catherine the Great on Hulu.

  2. It’s good you haven’t read the books. Characters added for no good reason, events added without need, characters much more “adult” ( sexual), parts missing, things not explained…. as usual there was no way to squeeze in the detail. I’m trying to ignore all that and enjoy it anyway. Lowering my expectations now.

  3. I tried reading the books many, many, moons ago. I can’t remember why I was unimpressed, but unimpressed, I was. 😀 … I might give this a go and see what happens. 🙂

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