Sometimes, Gratitude Is Really F-ing Hard

Lots of guru-types encourage us to have a regular gratitude practice. We’re urged to keep a gratitude journal or jar, to be observant, to notice one particular thing per day, to affirm the good in our lives, to recognize the role that other people have in bringing good into our lives, to ask ourselves three questions, to share our gratitude with others, to make a vow, to watch our language, to use visual reminders, to create gratitude rituals, to “pay it forward,” to regularly tell people in our lives what they mean to us. And all this will, we’re assured, help us feel more alive, make us sleep better, raise our self-esteem, encourage positive emotions, help us feel more connected, strengthen our immune systems, help us make friends, make us more compassionate and empathetic.

The thing is, sometimes gratitude is really fucking hard.

Yeah, if you’re reading this, like me, you’re still alive nearly two years into the pandemic.

So good on us.

But there’s been so much loss.

Not just the 775,000 (and counting) dead people in the US alone, although that’s a big one.

Many relationships that may have been hanging by a thread – or worse – after four years of Trump have suffered death blows due to right wing insanity about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

Businesses have closed. Jobs have been lost. Milestones have passed unmarked and un-celebrated.

So, yes, of course, try to remember and be thankful for the good in your life. But if that’s REALLY hard right now, that’s OK, too. I give you – and myself – permission to cut us a break and try again tomorrow.

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One response to “Sometimes, Gratitude Is Really F-ing Hard

  1. Ever notice how gratitude, along with forgiveness, is mostly about the other person?

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