Four Black Women Every Day

I’ve written and tweeted about this issue before, but we, collectively, as a culture, do not take the issue of violence against women seriously. There’s a severe dearth of marches, movements, vigils, attention – hell, thanks to the assholes in the Republican party, we don’t even currently have the Violence Against Women Act in effect.

The situation is EVEN WORSE for Black (and Indigenous) women.

Well, at least one woman, Rosalind Page, has had enough and is fighting back.

As documented in a recent story in the Washington Post:

Ms. Page, a nurse and mother of four, “noticed about seven years ago that Black women and girls seemed to be dying at the hands of others at an ‘unacceptable rate.'” She also “couldn’t understand why it wasn’t easier to find clear, accessible information about the victims…”

So she decided to do something about that, to document and draw attention to the murders of Black women and girls. Quoting the Post story:

By the last week of December, she had gathered information on 1,472 Black women and girls whose lives ended violently and too soon. That number was an increase from the year before, which was an increase from the year before that.

In September, the FBI released data that showed that about four Black women and girls were killed per day in 2020.

But she’s not just documenting. She’s taking action.

What can you do to support her?

Glad you asked!

Ms. Page has compiled a LinkTree that includes items like:

  • Resources for contacting your state and local elected officials to advocate
  • Links to the social media accounts she maintains so you can follow and signal boost
  • Links to media related to her work in this area

She is also planning a national march in Washington, DC for later this year, and she is running a Go Fund Me to help with that. Two things to note: she takes NO money for the research work she does. That’s a labor of love and concern for Black women. Two, her financial goal is relatively modest and relatively close to being met. Can we push her over the top?

And, of course, if you’re able, plan to travel to DC to participate when the date of the march is announced.

Image from the Black Femicide Twitter account, which you need to follow ASAP

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