Spring Is Always Coming

Photo by the blogger; if you copy, please link back.

Can you feel the Spring energy growing?  Ostara, or the Spring Equinox if you prefer, is just a few days away.  Although we had wind and snow on Saturday, yesterday was sunny and warm.  The crocus and daffodils are beginning to bloom and there’s a kind of green mist in the hedgerows. 

Somehow, COVID isolation has played havoc with my long-time habit of picking a Word of the Year and then working to manifest that word in my life.  COVID cases are (finally!) taking a downturn here and, after months of self-imposed isolation, I’m running around to get the car serviced, schedule vet and medical appointments, and see friends and family.  I’ve got my eye on China and England, both of which are seeing surges of a new variant that, I’m afraid, will be here before too long.  Hence, my rush to get things done here in this window.  I suspect that this is going to be our “new normal” – surges and short lulls.  And so my word for the moment is:  Schedule! 

We’ve been through a really rough patch for the last six or seven years.  Rising fascism, Trump, COVID, and now Putin’s war of aggression.  Most of us have the resources to manage a bit of difficulty.  But constant, uninterrupted stress can play havoc with not only our physical health, but also our emotional and intellectual health.  Depression is a real danger, as are her handmaidens:  ennui, helplessness, free-floating anger, and an inability to make good decisions  (especially when “good” mostly means “the least bad”).      

But I think that Spring is a metaphor for what we’ve been going through.  As House Stark knew, Winter is ALWAYS coming.  And Mother Nature, like us, has only a short window between Winters.  A short window when plants can grow, bloom, be fertilized, make seeds, and then retreat underground while Winter rages again.  A short window when kits, and lambs, and chicks can be born, be fed, grow, and prepare to hibernate or migrate while Winter rages again.  And Spring reminds us that Mother Nature keeps coming back, year after year, triumphant in the face of repeated Winters.  You can pave over her, but she’ll grow dandelions in every sidewalk crack.  She’ll wait (patiently or not) until an apex species can return.  She always bats last. 

So as we leap, or slink, or freefall into Spring and into this short window between now and the next COVID surge, please stop and remember to enjoy.  Enjoy the sun on your face and bare arms.  Enjoy the sight of crocus and the smell of Spring rain.  Enjoy fresh asparagus and the first radishes from the garden.  Enjoy some time with people you love.  Put on some color.  Yes, Winter is ALWAYS coming.  But so is Spring.  

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