photo of a kwanzan cherry tree in bloom

(In other words, part two of Hecate’s post from yesterday.)

I’ve been going at a gallop since I got back from my annual business planning retreat at the beginning of February.

My business has been insanely busy, and after 2020 and the first half of 2021, thank the Goddess, but I’ve churned out a STACK of deliverables while also putting together several large proposals for work that, fingers crossed, will come in for the *rest* of the year.

It’s a local election year here, and voting starts in less than 60 days, with many of our “big” seats up (mayor, city council chair) in addition to a council member race in my Ward, and several other big and small races city-wide, and this is my first year through it as chair of the Ward Democratic party, and WHEW LORDY has there been a lot to do. (We’re also starting to check out the national-level races we’ll be working on this year in hopes of keeping the House and Senate blue. Got recommendations? Share in the comments.)

The student I tutor and I have FINALLY gotten into a rhythm – it helps that we’ve had several weeks in a row with no COVID quarantining, no trips, and no school closures – and my board service with that same group has me hopping, too, as we enter the spring fundraising season.

I’m also starting the 2022 iteration of a major project I do every year as part of giving back to my professional community.

Plus everything else in life: boxing; starting to venture out for theater and live music, cautiously, a bit, while we’re in this hopefully more than momentary lull in infections; spring gardening; community meetings; oh, and, you know, MY SPOUSE. Who enjoys getting to see me and talk to me at least occasionally.

Anyway, a LOT has been going on.


This weekend is going to be gorgeous.

My birthday is approaching.

I’m going to have dinner out. At a restaurant. With dear friends. Where someone who is NOT me will cook the food AND serve it AND bring me tasty drinks AND clean up after. And all I have to do is pay them!

I’m going to have other dear friends over. To my house. For an afternoon of cooking together and drinking some VERY good wine. Porch time will DEFINITELY be happening.

The daylight savings time schedule change has been kicking my butt, but OTOH, the sun’s not setting until after 7 pm.

My hellebores look glorious, and the buds are forming on my dogwood. Little green leaves are peeking out on my hydrangeas and lilac. The windows are cracked open, and not just at night to help quell my fun new friend, hot flashes. My felines are extra-frisky.

What signs of the season are springing up in your neck of the woods? What are you looking forward to as the days grow longer?

Photo by the author. If you copy, please link back.

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  1. Wexton, Spanberger, & Luria are all going to need help.

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