Joe Biden in the driver's seat of a yellow Corvette

It’s been another good week for the Democratic party.

President Joe “GQ Grandpa” Biden signed Rep. Bobby Rush’s Emmett Till Anti-Lynching bill into law.

Dems in the House passed a bill capping the out of pocket cost of insulin at $35, with almost no assistance from “pro-life” (my ass) Republicans. They’re now working on legalizing weed at the federal level.

Regardless of what any additional Senators decide, the Dems have the votes to confirm the Honorable Kentaji Brown Jackson as the first Black woman Justice.

Oh, and did you see that the roaring Biden-Harris economy added another 431K jobs in March and unemployment currently stands at 3.6%?

Meanwhile, President Joe continues to do a masterful job handling the complexities related to Russia’s ongoing (and failing) invasion of Ukraine and rebuilding the NATO alliance TrumPutin tried to destroy. (gee, I wonder why he wanted that? BLINK BLINK)

What else is going right for our party? Tweet it to the skies with the hashtag #DemsDidThat & let’s keep this party rolling!

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3 responses to “#DemsDidThat

  1. Going to share this good news! We must keep spreading the word, as the thrust of the GOPers keeps publicizing negative messages. Thanks.

  2. Any insights into smashing the state rulings that make abortion illegal after – what, 6 weeks?

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