Xiao Qi Ji enjoying his first snowfall in DC, January 2022

Tomorrow marks 50 years of the panda program at the national zoo in Washington, DC.

Only Nixon could go to China, and the panda program was one of the most visible signifiers of a thawing relationship between the two countries.

Since the first panda couple, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, was loaned to the US, four panda cubs have been born and survived, all to the current panda couple, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian.

Xiao Qi Ji, their latest, was named “little miracle” because Mom and Dad are relatively elderly to be successfully still breeding.

The national zoo is run by the Smithsonian, so if you’re in DC, you can visit the pandas in person FOR FREE, or you can keep up with their delightful antics via the extremely popular “Panda Cam.”

(I’ll be back with something more substantial next week, but right now, I’m suffering from a very bad cold – not COVID, I’ve tested – and over the past two years, I’d forgotten how bad being just regular sick feels, particularly when there’s client work that has to be done regardless. Also, that saying that men are perpetually guests in their own homes? Yeah, that’s doubly true when you’re both sick – and Goddess knows, I have a good one, so I feel for those of you who don’t.)

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2 responses to “Panda-Monium

  1. 😊 Awww! I get frisky when it snows, too.
    You take care and feel better soon, please.

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