Roe Overturned

We’ve all known it was coming for the past six weeks, but 15 minutes ago (from the time I started writing this), Roe was officially overturned by  6-3 majority of “Christo-Facist goons” (quoting someone I follow on Twitter, although I’m not certain they would want the attention of being named here, so I won’t).

Three states – Kentucky, Louisiana, and South Dakota – had IMMEDIATE trigger bans, so abortion is already outlawed there. In three more states – Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas – abortion will be illegal in 30 days. Seven additional states have small procedural hurdles to clear, which they no doubt will in short order, before abortion becomes a crime. (Source: The Guttmacher Institute)

Guttmacher also has a real-time map of abortion policies by state that you should DEFINITELY familiarize yourself with ASAP. (It’s the header image for this post.) Four states – California, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont – plus the District of Columbia explicitly protect the right to abortion throughout pregnancy, and another 12 protect it until viability. (Source: Guttmacher again)

This is a dark day for women’s right to bodily autonomy and to control our own reproductive decisions, and if you read the majority opinion, you’ll note that Clarence Thomas has Griswold (right to birth control), Lawrence (right to have sex with any consenting adult partner you choose), and Obergefell (right to same-sex marriage) in his sights as well, so it may be followed by many more dark days.

What can you do?

Well, first of all, go ahead and feel your feelings: rage, fear, sadness, numbness. It’s OK. If you need it, I give you permission.

Second, do something nice for yourself. Take a walk, pet your cat, call your bestie, make yourself a cup of tea or a STIFF drink, smoke up. Take a minute.

Then, when you’re ready, here are some concrete actions you can take.

  • Women are going to need to be able to leave states where abortion’s been outlawed and get to abortion sanctuary states. You can help them by donating to an abortion fund RIGHT NOW. Only have $5? That’s fine – every little bit helps.
  • Get familiar with the ins-and-outs of medication abortion, particularly Reuters’ very useful and timely reporting that our neighbor to the south stands by ready to assist, and there’s not much the US or state governments can do to stop them.
  • Look to ESTABLISHED, KNOWLEDGEABLE groups that have been putting in the work for YEARS about larger strategy, folks like NARAL and Planned Parenthood. DO NOT jump on whatever hot take by some jackass on Twitter goes viral. That person has no idea what’s he’s talking about, I promise. NARAL and PP do.
  • Watch The Janes and get inspired, then ask yourself: What are you willing to risk?
  • See last week’s post and, if I may quote myself, GET THE FUCK TO WORK.

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4 responses to “Roe Overturned

  1. E A S Y ONE THING TO DO, All =

    I shall open MY home to ANY woman
    who is forced to travel across international or USA – state lines
    … … in order to access SAFE H E A L T H CARE FOR herself.

    … … She and Her Posse NEED to travel just THROUGH Iowa
    in order TO BE ON their journeys to GET to / to ARRIVE to / to ACCESS
    a place for HER SAFE H E A L T H CARE F O R HERS E L F.


    I, and Justices Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan, D I S S E N T.

  2. It’s such a sad fucking infuriating day in too many ways to enumerate. I damn the SCOTUS to the gates of hell.

  3. Save a few of your damns for all the purists who sat out the 2016 election because their guy didn’t get nominated. They can work out some of the bad karma by getting to work to try and undo some of the damage they’re responsible for.

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