Fall Is In the Air!

Light slanting through the trees in the fall

OK, we’re still a few days away from the equinox, and in my neck of the woods, Mother Nature isn’t quite sure she’s ready for those seasons to change yet (low temp last night? 57F High temp predicted Monday? 90F), but the LIGHT has definitely decided it’s fall, so here we are.

I do love certain things about each of the seasons, but I think, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be autumn.

First, it’s the time of my favorite secular holiday – Halloween – which happens to coincide with my favorite religious holiday, Samhain.

I love the creepy and macabre. (I’d be goth if only their music wasn’t so dreadful.)

I love littles dressed up as super heroes and princesses and dinosaurs and their favorite characters from books and ladybugs and fairies and whatnot, coming looking for candy. And the fact that I’ve convinced my entire end of the block to go as all-in on decorating as we do (it’s a goddamn spooky wonderland over here, and I LOVE IT), and that Halloween night has become an informal block party for us. Do I decorate on October 1? YES I DO.

I love getting to put together an actual cute outfit with various components and layers to it, as opposed to choosing my clothes based solely on what’s washable (for when I sweat all over it) and how little I can get away with wearing and still be appropriately covered for whatever it is I’m getting up to. And the end of having to plan ahead to avoid “chub rub.” Pants! Tights! YAY!

I love having the windows open. A closed-up-tight house in the winter can feel cozy, but having to keep things closed up and blinds drawn in the summer just feels oppressive.

Although I’ll miss melons and berries and stone fruits until next year, I love the arrival of apples and figs and persimmons and pomegranates and winter squash and the turn to heartier meals, things long-braised in the oven or soups and stews simmering on the stove that make the whole house smell good. And getting back to baking – I don’t completely abandon it in the summer, but I sure as hell do a lot less.

I love going on vacation at this time of year, after everyone else is back at work and school (we have a trip planned to Northern California in a few weeks).

I love swapping out my iced tea and coffee for hot versions. And the first fire of the season in the fireplace.And being able to go out for a walk mid-day without risking spontaneous combustion. And the crunch of leaves underfoot.

What are you looking forward to as the wheel turns?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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2 responses to “Fall Is In the Air!

  1. When my kids were little, we always took out the Hallowe’en decorations the first weekend in October. We’d sort them, clean them, greet them all as old friends, and then decide what the theme was. We would usually acquire something new every week or so — a hanging goblin, a string of pumpkin lights, and of course as the Big Night neared, a pumpkin or two or three to carve. (I always carved one that looked frightened — big eyes, pupils looking to one side, mouth open in shock — and put it next to the scary faces the kids made.)

    Twice when they were in elementary school, I ran the Hallowe’en Carnival (as a nod to Cooger & Dark’s Carnival and Pandemonium Shadow Show, of course). That was a fund raiser to support arts, music, drama, and sports classes after school for the whole school. One of the moms set up the program and we won statewide awards for it. Proud moments indeed.

    But most important, I always give The Invocation, as I think of it, when the first dusk of October settles in:

    Now the hungry lion roars,
    Now the wolf behowls the moon
    Whilst the heavy ploughman snores,
    All with weary task foredone.

    Now the wasted brands do glow;
    Now the screech-owl, screeching loud
    Puts the wretch that lies in woe
    In remembrance of a shroud.

    Now it is the time of night
    That the graves, all gaping wide,
    Every one lets forth his sprite
    In the churchway paths to glide.

    And we fairies, that do run
    By the triple Hecate’s team
    From the presence of the sun,
    Following darkness like a dream,

    Now are frolic: not a mouse
    Shall disturb this hallowed house.
    I am sent with broom before
    To sweep the dust behind the door.

    It’s worth recalling that a few lines before Puck delivers this speech, Oberon says:

    To the best bride-ed will we,
    Which by us shall blessed be.

    And of course, at midnight on Hallowe’en itself, I give the benediction, Puck’s final speech, which I have always held to be the most sacred words in the English language…

    In the Website field I’ve linked to a few pictures of Hallowe’en 2007, when my youngest was eleven and we made the front yard into The Forsaken Cemetery. Enjopy!

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