Use This One Great Hack to Feel Better!

I’m seeing more and more posts on social media where people say, “OH MY GOD, if the MAGAts win the midterms we’re doomed!!!!” And, yeah, we definitely don’t want to wake up on Nov. 9th and find out that the crazies won. But I’m going to suggest that doom-posting isn’t the best response. It may make you feel better for a second, but it spreads the doom. And no general heading into battle wants folks terrorizing their troops.

My mom taught me one very valuable lesson and that was that Action is a Tonic. When you’re frustrated, picking up the clothes in your bedroom and making the bed will, in fact, make you feel better. When you’re panicked about your finances, working an extra shift can help. When life feels completely out of control, making a pot of soup and freezing some of it will give you a sense of control. When you’re mad at your governor, calling him will help you feel powerful.

So when I get those “OMG a fucking Nazi judge is fucking in control of Trump’s fucking court case; I fucking wasted my fucking life going to fucking law school and fucking practicing law!” feelings, I ask myself what I CAN do. I can’t fix that nutball bitch of a judge; I have to hope that some DOJ lawyers and some 11th Circuit judges want to save our legal system. But I can try to keep Congress blue. I can strengthen the local Democratic party. I can get yard signs out in my neighborhood. So I phone bank (don’t like it, but I do it). I donate. I put together those dirty pieces of plastic over those even dirtier metal frames. (Never wear white to do this. Ask me how I know.) I do the often really mundane work. But I have to tell you that, at the end of the day, rubbing Bengay on my sore joints and doing my evening practice, I sleep better knowing I did what I could.

Now is go time. Donate. Volunteer. Canvass. Phone or text bank. Make sure the people you know are registered and know when and how to vote. Do the work and things will work out. And even if they don’t, you’ll know you did what you could. The real terror would be to wake up on Nov. 9th and wish you’d bothered to get involved.

(Oh, and for what it’s worth, I believe that we will win. There will be violence and some uncertainty for a bit, but I believe that we will win. Now I’m off to make sure that happens.)

One response to “Use This One Great Hack to Feel Better!

  1. I’ve often noticed that the people who complain the most do nothing at all, not even vote.

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