I Am Mostly Made of the Potomac River. And You?

4 responses to “I Am Mostly Made of the Potomac River. And You?

  1. Huh. Of course. Well, I used to be made of artesian spring water filtered through slate and shale in the Appalachian mountains. Now, maybe this is why I feel out of sorts. It’s not geography. It’s being made of something new and maybe not consciously integrating it.

    Now I am mostly made of reservoir water and pipe lining and strange minerals and a taste I can’t define. Plus, a shockingly large proportion plastic and Fiji water. (Too much to claim I have a reasonable carbon footprint.)

    I am made of trees, too. Although not so much molecularly. Tree thought forms permeate. Thankfully, even the shallow-rooted, fast reproducing, weedy trees of Florida project a solid sense of responsibility for shaping reality.

  2. I am laughing and crying at same time. I found you through a long line of canal locks. I paddled the entire length of the Susquehanna several years back. Sometimes all that is needed is a wicked smile and soft nod.

  3. Underneathdabunker

    Cuyahoga River circa 1969 (mostly).

  4. Los Angeles River & Southern California smog 😦
    But I’ve moved on since.

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