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The Art of Magic — Part the Second

Of course, wiser women than I have made the point that having access to imagery plays an important role in causing change according to will:

Imaging creates the possible. It is a necessary first step in our efforts to bring about social change, particularly for those changes that most radically depart from our present condition. It is a powerful tool that we do not fully understand or use in our daily lives. Even those of us who want change, sense its urgency, and are working toward it have difficulty in comprehending and encompassing the enormity of what we are doing. We are attempting to radically change our material circumstances, our values, and our way of knowing. If we sometimes lose heart or become discouraged, we must realize that there may be resources we are not using. For many of us, imaging may be one such resource we have not yet discovered.

We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words; it may also be worth ten thousand numbers. . . . Humans handle visual information by intuitive processes and handle it better than words or numbers. So, if one is designing a new car or a new society, working with an image makes it more understandable.

. . .

Balancing commitment to new visions and receptivity to still newer ones is not easy. Helen Lynd, a noted sociologist, has pointed out how difficult it is “to give everything one is to supporting all the truth that one can see at any given time, with full awareness that there are other possibilities and that further knowledge may enlarge and revise the hypotheses on which one has risked everything.” Feminists [and all magic workers] creating new visions of a better life cannot avoid the inevitable tension between the desire for certainty, stability, and a well-earned rest[,] and the elusiveness of truth. We must honor process in the creating of our images and in the way [that] we hold and act upon them.

~ Juanita Weaver, “Images and Models — in Process,” in The Politics of Women’s Spirituality: Essays on the Rise of Spiritual Power Within the Feminist Movement, ed. by Charlene Spretnak

What magical result are you attempting to create? Do you know what it looks like? Would a walk through a museum or art gallery, even a virtual one, help you to create a powerful image of what the world would like like (of who you would be) when you are successful? Should you begin to collect useful images, when you find them, in your Book of Shadows? Can a picture be as useful as a combination of herbs or an ancient chant?

Picture found here.