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Marion Weinstein on Beltane

I do miss Marion.

Paying the World the Great Compliment of Being Reluctant to Leave It

Lately, I’m becoming more and more a huge fan of old broads. Not, perhaps, too surprising.

The title of this post is from a quote that I once cut out of a news article. I should go dig up the whole thing.

Becoming Transparent

Time is our mentor, but one we grow beyond. As our bodies age, we weather, just as these stones do. Refined and redefined, our essence begins to show. Eventually, we may become so transparent that it’s clear we’re made of [E]arth that carries light; so transparent it’s clear we’re star-born. We’re deeply connected to Gaia, but also, as her children, a part of the far-flung worlds, the unity in which [S]he lives, moves, and has her being.

~Mary Kate Jordan, The Tribe of Wise Old Women in Crone: Women Coming of Age, Issue No. 4.

Picture found here.