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Berries Red as Blood

As regular readers know, I’ve worked to turn my morning commute from northern Virginia into downtown DC into a major part of my spiritual practice. I have several routes that I could use to go to work. I choose the route that runs past Spout Run, the Potomac River, and “my” homeless vet because, while not the quickest, this is the route that feeds my soul. I’m in love with every weed and scrubby shrub that I pass. I’m in relationship with a homeless vet whose life couldn’t be more different from mine.

This morning, as I sat in traffic (this turns what would be a bane into a blessing) I had time to be present with and to admire all of the holly berries growing alongside Spout Run. As Landscape Guy mentioned to me some time ago, this, for whatever reason, is quite the year for berries.

The trees between Spout Run and the road are stunted, broken, scrubby. But every holly tree is full of bright red berries.

And, so, as I head into another intense day of law, I spend a few minutes deep in nature, appreciating berries red as blood.

May it be so for you.

Picture found here.