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Hestia and the Homeless


Just last week, I had friends over for dinner and, with light jackets, we were able to eat dinner out on the porch. Today, an Arctic front has moved into my landbase and it’s painfully cold to be outside in the wind for more than a few minutes, even with a coat and gloves.

Tonight, many of D.C.’s homeless will be outside, sleeping on the cold ground or pavement, sheltered by nothing more than a bridge, or a storefront doorway, or a trash bag. Those who are old, ill, or hungry may even succumb to hypothermia, although that problem gets worse as even colder temperatures settle into the city in December and January.

The problem can seem overwhelming. What can just one Witch do? One thing you can do is find out the emergency number for your city and program it into your cell phone. Here’s the info for DC. That way, if you see someone out in the cold, you can alert the hotline and they’ll provide blankets, transportation to a shelter, gloves, etc.

And here’s a short magic working:

On your altar, place your cell phone with the hotline number already programmed; a pair of socks, gloves, or a hat that you can give away; some incense, and, if you have one: an image of Hestia.

Cast a circle and call the elements.

Invoke Hestia, Goddess of Hearth, Home, and Right Order in the State. Light the incense as an offering to Hestia and, while it burns, give thanks for the comforts of home that you enjoy. For me, these include privacy, warmth, a garden, security, hot water, a place to entertain friends, heavy blankets and clean sheets, a place for my books, hot tea, and stability. I enjoy these things due to a combination of white, middle-class privilege, my own hard work, and Hestia’s blessings.

Now, hold your hands over your cell phone and call upon Hestia to help you to see the people who need you to call the hotline for them. Commit to her that you will call when you see people who need the benefits of warmth and security. Hold your hands over your offering of socks, gloves, a hat, etc. Call upon Hestia to help you to find the person who needs and will accept that gift. Commit to her that you will give your gift as a way to share her blessings.

Thank Hestia for her presence in your home and in your circle. Open the circle and put your phone and your gift in your purse, book bag, coat pocket, etc. so that you’ll have them right to hand when they’re needed.

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