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Fucking Patriarchy . . . .


Every night, after I slip, old, white, and privileged, warm and dry, into my safe, comfortable, clean bed in my neat, snug, little cottage, in a nice, friendly, suburban neighborhood, just outside Washington, District of the Goddess Columbia (I know: Who DO I think I am?), I have been sending strength to the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who have been captured and sold into sexual slavery by a terrorist group known as Boko Haram (to know something’s name is to have power over it).

I cast a circle and slip into trance and I send to the schoolgirls:

“May you be strong. May you do what you need to do to survive. May what they do to you, as the Bene Gesserit said, pass, and may only you remain:

May you face your fear.
May you permit it to pass over you and through you.
And when it has gone past, may you turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only you will remain.

May you feel no guilt, as you are innocent and they are guilty. May you help your sisters. May you know that we are out here, caring for you and may our care give you courage. May you survive. May you come through unscathed. May you survive to change the world. May you draw upon my strength when you need it, Little Sisters, may you know the strength and the peace of the Goddess. May these terrorists of the Patriarchy lose their ability to hold you; may your strength prevail.”

Witchcraft is not a religion of the book and I don’t believe that you can become a Witch merely by reading about Witchcraft. But if there’s one book that I think every Witch could profitably own, it’s Judiak IllesThe Element Encyclcopedia of 5,000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts. Ms. Illes offers a number of spells for the victims of theft, for finding what has been lost, and for missing persons. Herewith, a short sample:

* Beryl Spell
1. Hold a beryl in the same hand [in] which you would hold [the] missing object [or schoolgirls].
2. Focus upon the [schoolgirls] and your desire for [their] return. Visualize the [schoolgirls] and then let your mind clear.
3. Let the beryl transmit thoughts, clues, and advice to you; pay attention the to the spontaneous thoughts and inspiration.

*Regain Stolen Goods
A wax image may be created to stimulate the return of stolen [schoolgirls]. The theory behind this spell is that angels despise theft and will assist your attempts at recovery.
1. Prick a wax figure made to represent the thief.
2. Allegedly, your guardian angel will transfer the pain to the guardian angel of the thief, who[,] in turn[,] passes on the pain to the thief directly.
3. The thief will subliminally associate the pains with the theft (pangs of guilt?) and return the [schoolgirls] in order to stop the pain.

*Saint Anthony’s Detective Service Spell [Sister Michael Anthony taught me this “prayer” in first grade and I’ve been using this spell for over half a century.]
Various rhymes exist to serve as a petition. Here’s [Sr. Michael Anthony’s] example.

“Dear St. Anthony, please come around. [The schoolgirls] are lost and have to be found.”

Many swear that uttering the rhyme is sufficient. There are others who, disrespectful as it may seem, prefer to turn an image of St. Anthony upside down in the belief that this discomfort causes the saint to work harder. [If so, don’t forget to turn him back upright once the schoolgirls are found.]

I’d like to invite my readers to use these or other spells to help the authorities find the captured schoolgirls. Feel free to post your own rituals, spells, and incantations in comments.

We’re Witches. We should be doing magic about this.*

Picture found here.

* hat tip to Christopher Penzack for this sentiment.

America Needs Mushroom Soup & Fruit Salad.


You can read my latest post — a ritual to improve America’s health care system — over at Pagan Square.

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Visual Aids to Spellwork

A million years ago when I was in education, we used to divide skills into “right brain” and “left brain” skills. Right brain skills were those that involved music, mathematics, understanding where your body was in space, and so-called “spatial skills” such as (from early IQ tests) figuring out how an oddly-shaped figure would look once it had been rotated. Left brain skills were those that involved words, abstract concepts, philosophy.

Science has recently cast some doubt upon the notion that certain skills are necessarily housed in certain hemispheres of our brains.

But that doesn’t, for me, discount the validity of distinguishing between “right-brain-type” skills and “left-brain-type” skills. And that may be particularly true given that I have, thank Athena, a boatload of left-brain-type (aka verbal, abstract-concept-type) skills and almost zero (it’s truly embarrassing and sad) right-brain-type (aka visualization, knowing where my body is in space (can’t dance, can’t walk w/o falling down, can’t find my way around town even with a GPS, can’t keep rhythm, can’t do math) skills.

And so it’s a bit odd that I was drawn away from Catholicism (with its emphasis on abstract learning and left-brain-type skills, where even my name saint, a woman, was considered a doctor of the church) to Paganism (a religion built upon the sacredness of embodiment). But it’s not surprising that my entry into Paganism was through a left-brain-type book The Politics of Women’s Spirituality by Charlene Sprentnack.

In some ways, the practice of Witchcraft has been difficult work for me. One of the first exercises given to many novice Witches is to learn to visualize. A common exercise is to visualize an orange. See it, smell it, taste it, touch it. Work as hard as you can to experience the orange in the absence of an actual orange.

And it’s good and necessary Witch work. If you’re going to send energy to a remote location, person, institution, etc., well, then it’s good for you to be able to really, clearly visualize that location, person, institution, etc. It will help your spellwork. And I’ve worked on that skill for years and will, for all the years that the Goddess gives to me, continue to work on it.

One thing that I’ve found helpful, thanks to modern technology, is to gather a collection of visual aids. Pictures and videos that help me when I want to do spell work. Here are a few of my favorites, shared in the hope that they may inspire you in your own spellwork and encourage you to share some of your own favorites in comments.

First, the classic. Peeling an orange. If you can watch it without your mouth watering, you’re even more left-brained than I am.

Second, for those of you who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and want, from time to time, to send magic or energy to your wotershed:

I use this one almost once a week.

I also like to use this one:

I use both of them along with Derrick Jensen’s Pretend You Are a River.

Here’s a live-stream of the United States Capitol, helpful whenever you’re doing political magic for the United States or for Columbia’s District.

Here’s Lady Liberty.

Sometimes, you want to do a spell for the entire globe. There are a lot of visual aids for this kind of spell. Just this week, this one’s been going around the web:

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

I especially love the Moon on the Ocean and the lightning storms as great aids to visualize spells.

Here’s another.

What visual aids do you use?