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The World Just Wants to Have Fun

I’m not a woman who likes snow. It keeps me indoors so as not to slip, makes me cancel plans with friends, worries me as it slowly covers the streets. Working at home today because of our light snow, I looked up from my computer screen for a minute and saw that it had begun to snow again, very lightly, even though the sun was shining. Pure, perfect sparkles were filling the air in my snow-frosted garden and I had to stop, get up, and go stand on the porch to watch.

For just a few minutes, the world looked “out loud” the way that mystics know that it “really is” all the time: beautiful beyond words, magickal, capable of mysteries that we can scarcely begin to grasp, and so, so, so much fun. Immeasurable fun.

I won’t be gone long; you come, too.

Picture found here.

Galaxies Like Snowflakes

(Sometimes, it helps to put everything in perspective and to remember that we are all made of the same star-stuff still giving birth to brand new stars.)

/hat tip: Jean Houston