Who Am I?

I’m a woman, a Witch, a mother, a grandmother, an ecofeminist, a lawyer,* a gardener, a reader, a writer, and a priestess of the Great Mother Earth.

*(I don’t give legal advice on this blog and the views that I express here are solely my own and do not represent the views of anyone else.)

I reserve the right to edit or delete any comments for any reasons. Reading, or commenting on, this blog indicates your acceptance of this condition.

68 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. sorry for being so dense about this, but what is your RSS feed? I don’t see a link.

    Meical abAwen

  2. You’re not dense; I am. Taking a while to learn wordpress. See below the blogroll

  3. Of all the Witchy and pagan blogs I read, yours is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your pleasures, your insights and your humanity.

  4. Hi. I had been following your prior (blogger) blog and will now follow this one. FYI, this sentence on blogger has a typo in the link. I figured it out, but others might not: “Come on over to http://hecatedemeter.wordrpress.com and let me know what you think!” Thank you!

  5. Since I am linking to you more and more, I added you to my blogroll. Naturally, I would be delighted if you reciprocated.

  6. Added you to my blogroll.

  7. Lady, you are oxygen to a gasping intellect… Thank you for blogging.

  8. Just found you serendipitously (smiles) and subscribed. Love the way you write and love what you say. Blessed Be.

  9. Hi, I used to visit your old blog. Now I just found your new blog, and it’s good to be back, but I’m a little disappointed… You see, the old blog had a link to : GypsyMoon.com and I used to always visit them after reading your blog. I can’t find the link now, where is it? simply looking at their clothing always used to lift my spirits.

  10. maria,

    Welcome back! I’ll see if I can find them and add them.

  11. Hecate, just wanted to let you know that I love your writing and respect you enormously. You are like fresh rain feeding the earth. Thank you for doing the work you do and leading us with your words.

  12. Many thanks R, Marie, Robin, et al.!!

  13. Dear Hecate, I was browsing the web looking for Imbolc poems that I might read to my pagan friends on the said sabbat, I somehow fell into your blog – and glad I am to, I have enjoyed reading your various posts and have dutifully signed up to read more – thank you, now instead of a poem I have taken one of your passages and will recite that to them – and I will look forward to reading more inspirational words from your wisely self.
    Blessed Be.

  14. Hecate,
    I love the picture “Winter Sunrise.” Who took it and where is it? I would love to use it on next years Solstice card. Is it for sale?

  15. Paul,

    Glad you like it! I put a link at the bottom of each post that says, “Picture found here.” If you click through, you’ll see where I found the picture. Blessings, Hec.

  16. I am just saying ‘hi’ , I have just subscribed to your blog, which is great by the way! I look forward to reading your future posts! X

  17. you are not alone in the quest to undermine the patriarchy. i know you know this already, but its good to know it just one more time! in love and light.

  18. I have just discovered your page and it is just what I need — another portal to the Goddess. Thank you.

  19. Can you recommend literature or sources about Wiccan beliefs? So interested since reading your site.

  20. Would you like to serve as a peer reviewer for The Pomegranate on a paper on the legal aspects of witchcraft? If so, email me at chas dott clifton att mac dott com

  21. Stumbled across your site while searching Beltane images! I am walking with Hecate for a year (or life). I have a leather mask of her that I am presenting in ritual theater along with five other Goddess archetype masks. The masks were created by Lauren Raine for the Spiral Dance festival in 1999. It is so wonderful to be walking with the All Mother. I wanted to attach one of the photos but it appear I cannot. Here is the link to our fb page and you can see photos of Hecate.

    Thanks, Charolette

  22. Still can’t get comments to stick. It keeps saying “Duplicate Comment Detected; It Looks As Though You’ve Already Said That!” Curse wordpress.

  23. (…how cute! They stick here, and nowhere else.)

  24. My dear, you are such a joy to follow, the Aussi Prime minister takes the cake, you deserve a gift. Go to my site and if you want one just say the word. goddesstimeline.com

  25. Hecate, I thought of you when I saw this call for papers. It is something you are passionate about. I think it is fairly close to you too.

    Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina are proud to jointly sponsor a symposium on April 13-14, 2013, on the USC campus in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes: Cosmography of the Pagan Soul
    Keynote Speaker: Ronald Hutton

    We welcome papers that explore the following questions:
    In today’s post-modern, urbanized world, where everything is a commodity, how and where do Pagans find their sacred places? How should we protect and maintain these sites? In colonized worlds, how do we avoid the appropriation of these lands? If Goddess is immanent in nature, what makes some places more sacred than others? How is our spirituality shaped by the land and our relationship with the land shaped by our spirituality?

    Proposals of up to 1000 words are due by January 1, 2013 and may be uploaded at http://www.cherryhillseminary.org/blog/announcements/call-for-papers/

    Thank you for your insightful blog. I love reading it.

  26. Hi!
    Your profile sounds EXACTLY like my mom, except she is not so dialed in to the internet as you are. U may already know her…Robbie from Hood River. If you don’t know her already, I would like to give you her email so the two of you can connect.
    RNO (Reno)

  27. I discovered your beautiful, inspiring and courageously expressive blog today, through following an incoming link on my blog back to your. Thank you for showing up as you are.

  28. http://www.progressive.org/gerda-lerner

    Someone I think you might want to recall at Samhain.

  29. I nominate your wonderfully witchy blog for this adorable award: http://goddesslightning.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/witchy-blog-post/
    feel free to do with that as you will. 🙂

  30. Hello,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I see that you deal in Tarot decks and am wondering if you have (or know where I might find) the rare Sybilla Fortune Telling Cards as published in 1827?

    I know it is a bit of a long shot but I will gladly pay a reasonable price and have already tried many of the dealers that specialize in this area with no success.

    Any insight would be sincerely appreciated as it would mean a lot to me to find this deck.

    Also, in the event you might be interested, I have the rare and valuable Greenwood Tarot set complete with cards and chart!

    There are only a few complete sets online (for around $1K) and mine will likely sell for a lot less than that. It is an exceptional deal for the right Tarot dealer as there is a lot of money on the table and the set continues to increase in value…

    In fact, it recently sold for $1,100.

    On that note, the link is:

    Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you know where I might locate the 1827 Sybilla deck.
    As mentioned, I am prepared to purchase it for a reasonable price!

    Thanks again for your time and all the best,

  31. Good morning, Hecate. Here is a remarkable short video of people silhoutted against moonrise in New Zealand. I thought of you when viewing it.

    • Just found this. Remarkable indeed; and very odd to watch it rising from right to left, since we in the northern hemisphere are used to watching it go the other way.

      Thanks, Michael C.

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  33. Are you a good Witch, or a bad Witch? Also having sworn allegiance to the bar, does this interfere with your worship of the goddess Eris?

  34. Did you buy that sky photo because I am the owner of it. Veronica

  35. Grateful to see the photo though on your prayer and care. 🙂

  36. Hello!

    I was just watching the Women and Spirituality series done so long ago and was reminded of a connection for action that had slipped my mind in the midst of a crisis here on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.

    The Alaska Department of Transportation is preparing to implement, in September, the Integrated Vegetation Management Plan which includes the spraying of herbicides that will poison our land base and our bodies.

    The connection that I mentioned is that of asking for the help of like minded women, and men, in doing spirit work around protecting our mother and ourselves and our future.

    I am calling on all of us, sisters, and brothers, in the spirit, to do whatever spirit work we can do to prevent this rape of our mother and bind the intentions to commit this crime.

    Thank you and Blessings!

    Ellen Thompson

  37. Challenge carefully thought. Congratulations. I can not remain indifferent. I am a reader of the of your blog. Thank You.

  38. I don’t usually think of my state as being progressive (and I’m in the broom closet here), so today’s news was a surprise: http://www.kcrg.com/subject/news/wiccan-priestess-to-give-invocation-to-iowa-house-20150328

  39. If you don’t know of Robert Jensen’s work, I think you would like to. http://robertwjensen.org/ Peace.

  40. I didn’t know how else to contact you, but believe you would appreciate her work: http://www.chaninicholas.com/category/lunar-insights/

  41. Neat to stumble upon a fellow attorney also in this community.

  42. I was thrilled to read your treatment of Hestia in Witches & Pagans. I hope you will consider submitting something to the devotional for her that I am editing: http://neosalexandria.org/bibliotheca-alexandrina/calls-for-submissions/first-and-last-a-devotional-for-hestia/

  43. Thank you for underwriting my column at The Wild Hunt. I’m honored by your support.

  44. I love your tagline. Why I clicked ‘follow.’ Undermining the Patriarchy Every Chance I Get. It surely does need a comeuppance!

  45. You speak what is in my mind, but you are much more entertainingly eloquent than I could ever be. Thank you so much!

  46. Don’t know if you’re a Marianne ?Faithfull fan, but heard this and thought of you,

  47. My son sent me a link to one of your posts. I am glad I found your blog! Cheers!

  48. I thought this brief to the point summary (and some of the quotes) might interest you. I wasn’t sure where to post it, please move it if you wish to, I know this isn’t the best page for it.

  49. Black Metal Valkyrie

    What is the point of invoking the names of Goddesses such as Hecate and Demeter if you aren’t a polytheist and don’t really believe in them?

  50. We are ready.

  51. Glad I found you

  52. Would you be interested in reading With Ballet in My Soul? http://bookpublicityservices.com/ballet-soul-adventures-globetrotting-impresario/ We’d be happy to send you a copy of the book!

  53. Hecate Demeter
    Hello, I just ran across your blog and am quite interested in what you are doing with the magical battle of America. There are a few of us who have been doing some of our own work based upon Diane’s work.
    I would love to talk more about what you are doing and see if we might link some of our work.
    if you are willing or interested in chatting please drop me a note. Kindly

  54. hi, im looking for someone to help me with a very sensitive situation that requires magic and spells. i really would love to find someone local and someone who’s brave enough to face what i need. do you know of anyone and anyone who’s available now? preferably a high priest or high priestess not totally required but someone very strong in their craft? would appreciate any help you can offer. thanks so much, nicole.

  55. How can I fill out w your blog?

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  57. Hi, did you write “This is a prayer for Imbolc”?
    If so I would like to give you credit when I post it.
    Thanks! Shannon

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