Almost Beltane

Existing On-Line While Being Female

Here’s a video of men (not the authors of the comments) reading to a woman’s face some of the on-line comments the other men have directed at those women.  (And, to be honest, if you’ve read the kind of comments that men direct at women on-line, these really aren’t the worst.)  The women “earned” those comments simply by existing on-line while being female.  It’s like driving while black; if you do it, you deserve whatever you get.

More and more, my female friends and I keep looking at each other and asking, “Why do they hate us so much for just existing?”  It’s a good question, but I don’t have an answer.

Monday at the Movies

Monday at the Movies

Somewhere, and I apologize for forgetting where, I read a question:  How would you call the Quarters if your village’s harvest depended upon it?  And I ask:  How would you call the Quarters if this election depended upon it, if hundreds of species depended upon it, if women’s rights depended upon it? Do it like that, this week.  Do it like that.


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Sunday Ballet Blogging

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A Guaranteed Magical Spell for Earth Day


Tonight, under the Full Earth Day Moon, you must do these things, and you must do them in the exactly right order, and you must do them with a true heart and you will, I promise, be, at the end of the magical working, truly and seriously changed for the better.

First, take a bath and sip some tea.

Then, go to your garden, or, lacking a garden, to your spice cabinet, and pick enough of your favorite herb to just fill the first half of the cup of your palm when you make all of your fingers come together into a flower.

Next, sit in a quiet place and better it be where the Full Moon can shine on you.  Breathe in the scent of the herbs and then put the herbs into a glass of clear water.  Drink the water while you say, three times to yourself:  May I be changed.  May I be changed.  May I be changed.

Finally, while sitting in your quiet place, watch this.  At the end, you will be happier, calmer, stronger, and changed forever.

I’m a Witch and I know whereof I speak.

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