This wonderful post by Silvia Linsteadt was exactly what my election-battered soul needed tonight.

Please do yourself a favor and read it.

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Rejoice, Rejoice, We Have No Choice But to Carry On Potpourri


This year, not a single woman won a Nobel Prize.  Guess there were no women doing important things.  Reminds me of the 1960s.

  •  This is fascinating.  I consider it Post good news, but I also think that we Pagans have no idea how we’ll face these changes.  I’d love to see it become a theme at next year’s Pagan conferences and festivals:  How Do We Live in Post-Christian America?  Is it a blessing or a bane?
  •  Every election throws up some new stars.  This time, the two that I’m seeing are both women.  First, I’m mesmerized watching our First Lady, Michelle Obama.  My personal impression is that there was little love lost between Mrs. Obama and Secretary Clinton after the 2008 election.  However, Mrs. Obama showed up at this year’s Democratic convention to do the obligatory speech in support of the nominee.  She may have been motivated to do a better-than-usual job after Mrs. Trump plagiarized portions of Mrs. Obama’s speech.  Whatever the motivation, Mrs. Obama’s speech was the hit of the convention and her line:  “When they go low, we go high,” has become a sort of rallying cry.  Today, she gave a break-out performance and no one doubts that, if she wants it, a career in politics is hers. I’m fascinated watching her realize this in real time, literally watching her face, speech-by-speech and seeing her come into her own power.

Robby Mook is an effing genius.  But he will continue to work behind the scenes.

On the Republican side, the new star is Anna Navarro. Since I seldom watch tv, I hadn’t been aware of her before now.  But she’s an exceptional speaker, holds her own better than most on talking head shows, and has done a very good job of separating herself from Donald Trump.  Not sure what Republican values she does hold, but she’s coming out of this election as a star.  I may have more to say in a future post about where the Republican party can possibly go from here, but, for now I’ll say that, if it wants to survive, Ms. Navarro is where it needs to go.

  •  When men show up to say that Trump’s comments about women offend them as sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. what I hear is:  Patriarchy.  You’re upset that some man talked that way about “your” possessions.  What Trump said wasn’t wrong because you have a mother and a wife.  This is the same bullshit that motivates honor killings.  What Trump bragged about was wrong because women are people, women’s rights are human rights, and it wouldn’t be OK for Trump to exalt in how he could grab some man’s balls, either.  Men, please do better.
  • One of the cool things coming out of this election are Hillary quilts.   Neat thing to leave for your female descendants.  I’ve bought way more campaign buttons than I should have and will definitely score a WaPo and NYT on Nov. 9th for my great-granddaughters.   What are you doing to preserve this election?

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Words for Wednesday

I heard a cough
as if a thief was there
outside my sleep
a sharp intake of air
a fox in her fox-fur
stepping across
the grass in her black gloves
barked at my house
just so abrupt and odd
the way she went
hungrily asking
in the heart’s thick accent
in such serious sleepless
trespass she came
a woman with a man’s voice
but no name
as if to say: it’s midnight
and my life
is laid beneath my children
like gold leaf.
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How to Be a Witch, 101

Fig, Folded
Lash everything irredeemable to the ficus
with muscle. Use the flexor digitorum brevis
from the arch of my right foot.
This is how what’s grounded gets hitched
to the rooted, everything cramped
into place and contemplative. Tight
striations might as well be bindings
to Bodhi as body. Why not dump this tired mind
at the foot of a tree, aerial roots
less caustic than an unanswered calling —
or perhaps this is it, to sit, to ponder, to ask:
what violated cunt, what unhappy gasp,
what sad spat, and toppling building
left us blooming untoward?
Who puts flowers on the inside of a fig
except the injured or the bereft?
The ones who hankered hard
and failed to do anything but live
lush and fallible? What regret is: bark
or bitch. The world succumbs to beauty
even now, in the throes. The sky is dark
and hidden behind branches, cephalic
veins clotted with grief. Hush now,
finally. All the face can do is flush, sympathetic
nervous system, visible horror of wounded
and wounding. All inflorescence remains safe
inside that place the mind opens up pear-­shaped
and vast: the body of every lover is unattached
to hurt or hope, falls in its own field of daffodils,
to curl fetal with singular prowess or glut.
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There’s a Goddess for Trump’s Bullshit

Artemis, you protect women from harassers.  Turn him into a deer, hunted and eaten by his own hounds.  Now and forever.

This is my will.  So mote it be.

Sunday Ballet Blogging

That Sound When the Arc of the Moral Universe Bends

I’m old enough to remember when, in 1991, President Bush I nominated then-Judge Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.  Back then, the Senate actually did its job and held hearings to decide how it would advise the President on his choice.  Mr. Thomas was heading easily towards approval when one of his former colleagues, Professor Anita Hill, accused him of sexually harassing her.

I realize how difficult this may be for many younger people to really understand, but there was a time in America when the sort of behavior that Professor Hill alleged — repeated requests from Thomas for Hill to date him and increasingly inappropriate references to sex in the workplace — were commonplace.  Women were simply supposed to politely deflect that behavior and pretend it never happened.  Really.  Second Wave Feminism and the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s and 1980s had laid the ground for what happened next, but the notion that “boys will be boys” at work and that women should just adjust to their behavior was very widespread and entrenched.

For a few days, America was glued to its tv sets and newspapers as the Senate grappled with and decided to ignore Hill’s accusations.  As we know, the Senate, under then-Senator Joe Biden’s leadership, confirmed Judge Thomas and he has been sitting on the Supreme Court ever since.  But America changed that week.  Thousands of women stepped up, publicly and in their own families and workplaces, and told their stories of harassment.  Consciousness shifted and harassment became “not OK.”  Over time, laws were passed.  Things certainly aren’t perfect, even all these years later, but there’s a basic understanding that men caught doing those things aren’t going to be defended.

I have that feeling again this weekend, only it’s about sexual assault, rather than harassment.  Yes, discussions of rape culture have laid the groundwork, but suddenly even conservative Republicans are finding themselves forced to condemn Donald Trump’s joking discussion of sexual assault.

Let’s hope it’s only the beginning.