This Time, It’s Personal

As my regular readers know, urban Pagan that I am, I’ve been exploring my relationship with the Goddess Columbia, the Goddess of my polis, landshed, Bit of Earth.

I want to talk today about a planned attack upon the Goddess Columbia.

John Benefiel, the head of the Heartland Apostolic Reformation Network and one of the official endorsers of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally, says that Washington D.C. is under a curse from God because the Founders named it in honor of the goddess Columbia. . . . [He] blames the country’s political problems on the District of Columbia’s supposedly [P]agan foundations.

In an August 2010 sermon, Benefiel claimed to have the “spiritual authority” to “divorce Baal” from Washington and said that he had renamed the District of Columbia the “District of Christ.” He explained: “I tell you I have more authority than the U.S. Congress does, see I guarantee you that that will not forever be called the District of Columbia, it will be changed by somebody, it will be changed by the Lord when He comes back or our Congress.”

More here.

That’s the Dominionist version of “So Mote It Be.”

In Benefiel’s cosmology, any female form of deity is evil. He mushes them all up into one entity that he calls “Queen of Heaven”, and so Columbia = Queen of Heaven = the Statue of Liberty = Baal (even though Baal comes from a Semetic word that means “lord” or “master” and Baal is generally thought of as male. In Benefiel’s world, demons = female).

More, here.

Here’s their “Divorce Decree”, divorcing America from Baal. Their “Plaintiff’s Decree” asserts:

.1. We no longer have any ties with Baal-hamon. We are Tithers and Givers and therefore we are rightful heirs to the Great Transfer of Wealth to the Church.
2. We no longer have any ties with Baal-berith. We are now free to choose to remarry Jehovah, the only true God, and be in an everlasting covenant and relationship with Him.
3. We reclaim our sexual innocence and purity. We walk in holiness and we reject every form of sexual perversion, homosexuality, and sexual immorality.
4. We are for the next generation. We are for the Unborn’s Right to Life. We will pray and support the next generation to see God’s covenantal purposes fulfilled in them.
5. We no longer have any ties with any form of witchcraft and occult spirits.

To make it all extra legal (pun intended), they’ve got a Writ of Assistance that seems to imply that they own Columbia’s District.

Their “Declaration of Light,” for example, avers that, “we declare illegal in the earth any action of any people, Nation or nations that undertake what is contradictory to the Word of God (Psalmn33:10,11). We render judgment upon all such [idiots always think that “such” sounds very “legal.” I know lawyers guilty of this.] laws or actions and set the power of Heaven to dismantle their effect. (Psalm 2, Psalm 47, Isaiah 40:17, 23).”

They have a Petition for Declaratory Order (honestly, as a lawyer, I’m flattered that they imagine that the Power that Moves the Universe cares so much about the legalistic formalities of modern Anglo/American jurisprudence. Of course, it’s really their followers whom they hope will be impressed). It asserts that:

We seek the Declaratory Judgment of this Court that[,] apart from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His Spirit at work in the [E]arth, there has never been, nor can there ever be, liberty among men. We offer the evidence of history, from the beginning of time until this plea, that no people, no nation, has ever known the heart of peace, the extent of freedom, the rights of the many, and the prolonged prosperity of the majority, that this Nation has experienced as “One Nation Under God.” We offer the proof that no other spiritual undertaking, no other claim of deity, no other governmental scheme or philosophy has produced what this Nation has known and yet to this day prevails. [Apparently, in spite of having named our capital city for a Goddess.]

We offer the evidence that across the [E]arth for these hundreds of years, people have fled from every other system accepted or devised by men to find refuge here. We assert that unless this Court releases the Power to preserve this historic phenomenon, it shall be irreparably harmed and the favor of God which has heretofore granted it, is in immediate peril of being withdrawn at the instance of foolish alternatives designed by the Defendants. [Lots of undefined “its” there. Makes it confusing to read, but there it is.]

And you know, it would all just be sad, except that there are people in Congress and people running for President who associate with, and are indebted to, this guy. Goddess guard us from them, because, trust me, these people DO want to burn Witches and, once they’re in power, and need a scapegoat, they’ll do it. It’s happened before. It happened in Salem. It’s happening right now in parts of Africa and India. And it can happen here, too.

Now, they’ve declared “Spiritual Warfare” on the District of Columbia, geared to reach a crescendo during the Pagan high holy days of Samhein.

Phase two of this 11-11 Campaign will be a 40 day worship invasion in Washington DC, coordinated by James Nesbitt. The 40 days of worship is scheduled to begin around Rosh Hoshana and run through Election Day to November 11, 2011.

“Laying spiritual siege” and “spiritual warfare” are dogwhistle terms that have clear meanings for Dominionists; and those meanings run well beyond mere metaphor. In fact, spiritual siege and spiritual warfare are forms of malificent magic, often done by people who don’t really understand how magic works or what they’re doing. Both forms of magic can indeed be effective. These types of Dominionist magic rely upon raising energy and directing it towards the downfall of some object. In the case of Benefiel’s attack on the District of Columbia, the specific objectives are masked with nice talk about “changing the atmosphere” in DC, “bringing light,” “praying together as families,” and “standing together.” There’s a lot of warlike jargon: “shields locked,” “each state serving as ‘pointman,'” and “siege.” (And the appeal to Younger Self, to emotions, is done masterfully. Lots of Pagan ritualists could take lessons from these folks.) But when you put those together with Benefiel’s repeated attacks on Columbia and Lady Liberty, it’s pretty clear what this is about.

As a devotee of the Goddess Columbia and a Witch who lives and practices in the greater Washington, D.C. foodshed, I don’t intend to simply stand by and ignore this. I think there’s a tendency among many Pagans (and I include myself) to find this stuff pretty freaking distasteful, to view Dominionsits as nutjobs, and to not want to engage. And, of course, sometimes, giving energy back to these attacks just feeds them.

But I just have to ask: How’s that approach working out for us?

These people are a rather small percentage of the population, yet they have an influence out of all proportion to their numbers. (In other words, their magic works.) And they’re attacking the primary Goddesses of our Nation (Columbia, Lady Liberty, etc.) and doing it during our high holy season. (Imagine for a moment how provocative it would be for Pagans to plan a similar event of “magical warfare” against the Christian deities during, say, Easter or Christmas. We’d never hear the end of it. We could issue ersatz “divorce decrees” and “petitions for declaratory orders” asking Columbia to make clear that America has nothing to do with Christianity and isn’t a Christian nation. And the Dominionists would go ballistic and the press would give them coverage. Well, when we’re attacked, I think it merits a response.)

For me, to be a Witch means to be in relationship with The Land, the land of which it used to be said, “The King and the Land are One.” It means to be in constant relationship with my watershed, my foodshed, my landbase, with the plants and animals and human people who live with me. And I can’t do that without being in relationship with the deity/deities of this Place. And because the history’s been lost, I don’t know how to be in direct relationship with the deities of the First Peoples who originally lived here (which may have been most true to the landbase, itself). So, for me, here, in this not-yet-very-old city of Power, being a Witch means being in relationship with Columbia, a Goddess/archetype (at her best) of Freedom, a modern-day version of Libertas, a descendent, as she’s told me, of the Arthurian cave bear, power and protection of the land, the Goddess of the land, Sovereignty, the woman who gives the government its sacred sword and appoints the guardian of the Hallows of the Land. And I mean to defend Her.

So what does that mean: to defend her? Well, I propose (and thanks to Literata for the suggestion) to seriously ward my Bit of Earth, my own tiny temple to Columbia. I propose to, a number of times between now and November 11, 2011, circle the United States Capitol, sprinkling, inter alia, rosemary (that’s for remembrance) and warding the beautiful statue of Columbia that presides over, and directs energy into, the United States Capitol. I propose to write to my Senators and Congress person, on paper that I’ve charged and with ink that I’ve mixed with sacred herbs, and ask them to disavow this hateful group of Dominionists. I propose to ask my own Circle if we can do some protective magic. I propose, as Summer slips into Autumn and as the Veils Between the Worlds begin to thin, to call upon all of my ancestresses and ancestors, especially those who have worked to make America the Home of the Free, and ask them to block what the Dominionists are doing to this country and to my beloved City on a Hill. I’m an urban Pagan and I propose to do magic to sustain my urban area.

And because I don’t enjoy being merely reactive, I intend to do some magic to strengthen Columbia’s hold over her own city, to help everyone who lives here to see the benefits that she brings to her polis, to increase her influence over this landbase.

D.C. is a small city, in some ways, and it has a small, although growing, Pagan community. If there’s ever a time of year when we ought to be able to get together and work for a common, protective goal, it’s Samhein. What will you do?

Do you take these kinds of “spiritual” attacks seriously? What do you think is the best way to respond? How do you relate to the Goddesses/Gods of your own place? How would you defend them from attack?

Many thanks to Literata for alerting me to this story and contributing her insights to my own thoughts on the matter.


Update: Literata has a very good post up on this topic, as doesThe Wild Hunt.

Those of us who live in Columbia’s district are v grateful for all the help the Pagan community can give to us.

50 responses to “This Time, It’s Personal

  1. I agree with you that these attacks of malignant energy should be met and dealt with. Your plan to strengthen Columbia is good but I would also do my best to cover the whole of the area with protection geared to sending their malice straight into the Potomac river and out into the sea to dissipate. I’m out in Harpers Ferry and I would be glad to add my workings to yours to stop this cold.

  2. Interesting timing for this post — I just finished reading “Lammas Night” by Katherine Kurtz again for this year — which details the Grand Working of a number of esoteric organizations against Hitler’s planned invasion of Britain during WWII. The Working took place on Lammas — and mainly Raised a protective shield (quite apt for Britainnia and Columbia) as well as a “spear” (again … another appropriate image) of thought and images to turn him back ….. Perhaps it is time for a Grand Working …….

    Do take care when dealing with these people … I have a deep feeling of unease about their “Response” rally — it smacks of their own Dark Workings …

    • Teacats ~ okay, first, to everyone else, I’ve posting this all around this afternoon and if it is now qualified to be ‘spam,’ I apologize.

      To Teacats – based on exactly this impulse, some friends and I began a “Magickal Working for America” invoking Lady Liberty and some Sacred Ancestors (MLK Jr, Sacagawea, Lady Liberty, and Thomas Jefferson) last Beltane. We created a common image and a common spell, although other elements of the working were left up to individual custom.

      I have written it up and posted it, along with the image, here:

      “We call upon all humans to create a life consistent with their true nature, the calling of their hearts, and the highest good of all.

      Grounded in the truth that all humans are created equal, we ask that all humans have the courage, willingness, and clarity of perception to embrace one another’s humanity, to band together to reclaim our governing structures from corrupt interests, and to secure our individual rights.

      We call upon all humans to recognize injustice, inequality, and manipulation wherever it manifests; to call out the perpetrators; and to ensure that wrongdoers are brought to justice that is grounded in compassion, common sense, and fairness.

      It is created as it is spoken.”

      People are free to use and adapt this as they wish.

  3. Tante Fledermaus

    What an amazingly unsettling group of people. It would be comical if it wasn’t so sincere and so hateful.

  4. Those people are crazy, of course. The delusions of grandeur (“I tell you I have more authority than the U.S. Congress does. . . .”), the obsession with legal forms (or pseudo-forms) and phrasing, the systematic distortion of history, the further obsession with demons controlling the world–they fairly scream “paranoia,” and of rather serious sort. Someone who put out malarkey like this in any country except the U.S. would likely be brought in for an assessment and a frank talk with a mental health professional.

    That having been said, I agree that the energy that these people can raise can be malicious and destructive. It would be very nice to think that some of the more mainstream Christian denominations in the U.S. might want to distance themselves, loudly and publicly, from this mischief. I suspect that it’s not on their radar, however, since it doesn’t seem to have received much (any) coverage in the MSM. Perhaps someone (I?) should draw it to their attention.

  5. These people are actually rather useful… because they are so extreme and such ludicrous characterizations of a certain form of political extremism, they undermine the ability of the more mild looking individuals (who may share similar philosophies) from gaining traction. Case in point, look at the problem Boehner is having gaining traction for his conservative ideals in a Tea Party-infused political party. It makes them good fodder for things like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report and even turns them in to the punchlines for the Letterman, Leno, and O’Brien monologues. As long as people continue to recognize just how ludicrous they are, laughter undermines any ability they have to get anything done. By associating himself with these type of people, Perry has nixed his ability to get the Republican nod, even for vice presidential consideration.

    There is also irony in the whole “anti-Columbia” bit, when the whole “Columbia” came out of adaptation of the name of Christopher Columbus, who both has “Christ” in his name and had similar views to these protestors about the eradication of the beliefs of the “savages” who weren’t Christian. 😉

    This kind of stuff isn’t new. The only new thing is that you see it on YouTube today. Protestors and “prayer warriors” (on both sides of the political spectrum) on the National Mall have been going on for longer than my lifetime. At least they’re not trying to make the Pentagon float away this time!

    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with empowering the genius loci of where you live, whether you work with it in deity form or “just” spirit form. For a while now, I’ve been looking for a replica of either the Statue of Freedom or the Statue of the Republic (in Chicago) for use in my own personal work… haven’t found one yet. If you ever see some for sale, let me know.

  6. Pagan Puff Pieces

    Funny, I’ve never wanted to worship Columbia until now. She’s never felt as real until now. What is this urge to breathe life into enemies more than any outsider could?

    But how to meet an attack? My instincts want something like a spiritual Aikido. Have you ever seen that in action? An Aikido master appears to not work at all, just shrugging off attackers. I think that’s the real way to meet ridiculousness. Not ignoring it, but expertly throwing them aside with what seems to be little effort.

    But that takes years and years of discipline and training, as anything worthwhile does. But, something tells me spiritual warriors don’t know how to breakfall (do we?).
    PS: I have NO idea what I’m talking about

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  8. This is so sad, people came to america to find freedom from persecution for their chosen religion, and ever since then we’ve been fighting for it all over again here, america wasn’t founded by christians.. in fact many were trying to flee England because of its christian rulers. Freeedom of religion also means non-christian religions and even no religion at all…

    you want to help promote your religion, become a good example instead of shoving your faith down everyone’s throats. Quit trying to rewrite history and lying to get everyone to either believe or weakly accept your stories…

  9. There’s something very, very wrong with these people.

  10. If they are divorcing Baal and marrying Jehovah, then they do understand that Baal (“the Lord”) is not their lord. (Or is he?)

    Sounds like you have a kick-ass astral battle going. Pass out the statues of “Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace.”. I will order one just to put my money where my mouth is.

  11. I share your concern about the mass attempt at Christian malefic magic (although they will deny until they are blue in the face that that term is accurate). I live a few hours from DC but hope to also hold some vigil of my own to honor and help to further empower Columbia.

    I think it’s ironic that these people want to rename the district to strip it of a Goddess reference and yet they are also claiming that they are simultaneously re-instituting the ways of the Founding Fathers. However, the District of Columbia was given that name by the Founding Fathers (or at least some very early Americans).

    I did one to point out one minor thing though in relation to your comment: “these people DO want to burn Witches and, once they’re in power, and need a scapegoat, they’ll do it. It’s happened before. It happened in Salem.” The so-called witches in Salem were not burned at the stake. All of but one of those put to death were hanged, the exception was Giles Corey who was crushed to death with stones.

  12. I live very near to DC, and it is a city that I love very much. Your idea of circling the Capitol sprinkling rosemary is a fabulous idea and one that I hope you won’t mind if I echo.

  13. I’ve always wondered about the phrasing “married to God/Christ”. Men say they wish to be “now free to choose to remarry Jehovah” I might be splitting at hairs here, but aren’t they against men marrying men?

    More on topic, I do take these “spiritual attacks” seriously. Prayer works in the same way as magick, it’s a focus of will. Their will has power and so does ours.

    What to do about it? Can we all shield are national monuments? Can we do it in a neutral way so that we don’t cause favoritism of one group over another? Or should we try to sway government our way?

  14. It disgusts me to no end that these people claim to follow the same path of faith as I. However, I do not play the “No True Scotsman” card, and will do everything in my power to oppose their incredibly twisted, hateful agenda from the perspective of a co-religionist. We are not as loud, but we are persistent.

    I am deeply sorry for this assult on you and your community.

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  16. Thanks for all the good info. I’m going to take this to my community, do some blogging, etc. We are with you, with Columbia, with freedom.

  17. Thanks Hecate, this is a wonderfully useful essay and collection of information on what these folks are up to. I particularly like your point about being in constant relationship with the land (and its deities). This is where we differ from the fundies so starkly: we want a strong relationship with the land, they want to rule it (and us).

    Left Rev.–thanks for your words of support. Believe me, we don’t judge all Christians by the wingnuts. 🙂

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  19. Thanks for bringing this into a light of understanding, and stating what a threat this is in real terms, rather than doing the written equivalent of a pat on the head. I take them serious, and believe more people should take them seriously, especially given their political roles and ambitions.

    Given the assault on the American people that is happening right now, this comes at the times for a lot of crossroads. I think it is high time more people spoke out against this kind of thing, and especially did more magically/spiritually against it. It is one thing to say ‘this is heinous’ or ‘this is against our nation’ or what-have-you, but it is far more important to do something about it. I encourage everyone to write to their representatives, even if they are not of your party, and remind them of their duty to all their constituents, not just the ones that voted them into office or funded their campaigns.

  20. Eighteen years ago the Statue of Goddess Freedom that had been on top of the US Capitol was refurbished. During most of the work, She was on the lawn of the Capitol. Well, The Isaac, Deborah Lipp, as well as the Zell’s hit town at the same time that summer, and they and bunch of us local Pagans got together to charge Her up before She was returned to her big-ass pedestal. There was probably about 3 – 4 dozen of us (I didn’t do a count, I ended up chasing after my son & Arthur Bonewits-Lipp as they headed out of sight). At any rate, we charged Her up, invoked Her blessing upon the land and Congress.

    Many of us who lived in the area have continued to do that on an annual basis, as individuals and as small groups. Not, as the Isaac had suggested, on July 4 (Isaac, not being a native, didn’t understand 4 of July on the Mall!).

    So there is already an egregore built around that statue that can be worked with by other Pagans, with, one would hope, logarithmic increases of effect.

    Now, if we wanted to go in a different direction, and make a servitor based in the Statue, that would be kind of fun …. and would likely kick ass where no ass has been kicked before.

  21. This is black magic, dark energy, very very dangerous. Maybe we all would have scoffed at this before what happened in Oslo over the weekend. But now it has deeper implications. I intend to petition the Gentry of Sidhe to protect the entirety of Independence Mall in Philadelphia (they plan 11 gatherings in Philadelphia), beginning at the Constitution Center and ending at the Revolutionary War monument. Personally it just sickens me that mainstream Christians would let this happen, but the mainstream never seemed bothered by the KKK either.

  22. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be making major offerings to my ancestors to help block this Christian spiritual warfare, to protect Columbia, and to protect the Capital from the intervention and influence of lunatics like this. I very much like your idea of circling the capital and did I live in DC i’d be right there with you. As it is, i’m in NY so prayers and offerings and perhaps a bit of spiritual warfare of my own will have to do. In any sensible country these people would be dismissed. Here, where the religious right has such power they have gained an unbelievable measure of influence. They are spiritual fascists and ought to be watched very carefully.

  23. What do I intend to do?
    I am also an Urban Pagan, A devotee to the Lady Hecate and a born and bred New Yorker. I intend to go up to the crown of my beloved Lady Liberty and send/shoot out positive energy towards the cause of religious freedom for all people who call this great land home.

    I would love to set up a rally with other NYC Pagans to help raise energy at this site of welcoming, freedom and hope for all people. But I think I will need help. I am not really apt at organizing events. So anyone who wants to help please go to my site and send me a message.

    This view that America is a Christian country has gone to the point where it makes it incredibly difficult for anyone who is any type of ‘Other’ to live and work and worship. America is not a Christian country. It is a CAPITALIST country. We worship money here. Lets just be clear. Originally the Pilgrims came to escape religious oppression from England (what they did afterwards to the Native Americans negates the good of that deed though, but still…). So we should not stand for someone trying to make this land a religion based country.

    Yeah, money is evil and I wouldn’t want to worship it but at least I have a choice in that matter. I would rather be poor and Pagan then forced Christianity upon me (and probably still be poor afterwards.)

    So yeah, If this sounds like a good idea, someone please message me. though I have no problem doing this as a solitary.

  24. Money isn’t evil. it’s sacred. it transforms into all the things that nourish us: the roof over your head, the meal in your child’s belly, the clothes on your bath. what some people DO with money and how they fetishize it is evil. that’s a big difference. Money and exhange are yet one more thing our contemporary culture as polluted.

    I am in NY and I would be very interested in setting up a rally. Feel free to contact me privately tamyris at earthlink dot net.

  25. Love this post! Shared on Facebook. I’m all in for protecting our American Goddess!

  26. another goddess

    Bring it bitches. Hell hath no fury….

    • Another, that is the type of reaction THEY want. While I would not be adverse to, if shoved, doing some harm back at them if it would prevent the Dominionist Christian America horror that would rival what the Nazis did, right now they are just talking and posturing demonstrations. And also working malefic magick. Counter the magick with magick. If they start attacking people, then use the law that should protect us on them. If the law fails to do so and they get into power, then yes, “bring it on”.

      I hope it will never come to that but history says it might. 😦

  27. I too love this post and am sharing on Facebook so as to get the information out to as many people as possible.

    Thank you for your continued work…

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  29. And Christians claim that they do not approve of these Dominionist teachings. How many of them are standing up, speaking out against this?
    Its horrible stuff like this that make it seem sane to be anti-Christian.

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  31. This is so fucking crazy that all I can think is that Benefiel is going to end up with the support of right wing bloggers like Instanumnutz, his own show on Fox, a prominent role at a think tank funded by Richard Mellon Scaife, and a nationwide movement to scrub the name “Columbia” from every state and county in the land, promoted by ALEC of course.

    You know, just like that whole anti-Shariah Law movement.

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  34. Let’s do a working to dispel this negation during their “festival of madness” around October 31st. Or perhaps the waning moon before that date. Hecate will certainly be invited in my invocations to quell this madness. Great and scary post, thank you.

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  36. For anyone who want to know more about the blessed Lady atop the US Capitol Dome, you can read my article written from the perspective of a visual artist. It was published in “The Capitol Dome”, December 2007, a scholarly publication of the US Capitol Historical Societies publication in Washington DC titled AN APPRECIATION OF THOMAS CRAWFORD’S STATUE OF FREEDOM-A Statue called America, Pocahontas, Liberty and Freedom and republished in the Fall 2009 issue of the magazine citing the popular and frequently requested article on the cover of the magazine. Before I wrote about her I designed and made a pendant of the statue and have a statue of HER on my website. ( She is blessing us and wants to be seen!

  37. I believe in Jesus and I give you my full support. If we don’t all work together to protect the 1st Amendment we won’t have a United Nation anymore. Lady Liberty represents so much to the American people that the Fundamentalists will have quite a fight on their hands if they attempt to do away with her or for what she stands for. I’ll join in your prayers to protect the freedom of this nation.

  38. I have been waiting and watching for this. I have said many times with the “new age” and 2012 coming, Christian extremists and the downfall of our economy ( like I’ve been saying is only going to get worse) will cause a chain reaction of “burn the witch” because like the article stated, we have these people running our gov’t right now, in hard times many people fall victim of these extremists views. This is very scary. We really need to get the word out to the rest of the pagan community so during these days we can come together and fight back (not literally) spiritually.

  39. Jesus spent much of his ministry decrying religious hypocrisy and religious leaders and “lawyers” who dumped heavy burdens of religiousity on regular folk. I find it particularly offensive that these dominionist claim to speak for him. Or do they ever really even mention Jesus? Maybe he’s a commodity to them like the Holy Spirit–he’s there just so they can claim his blood as a human sacrifice to power their workings. For them the Holy Spirit is a genderless “It” of power to wield–barely a person in a Divine Trinity. Notice how they claim some special powers for giving money also? That their giving to their particular church gives them special powers? When I was a Christian, I was one of those who actually read and studied the book and prayed to my deity. I may have some ideas.

  40. Dear Hecate, I need to speak to you about this and various schemes and plans. Please email me sometime soon so we can collaborate. Blessings and best regards from Caroline Kenner

  41. hey everybody i resenlty heard about this group in england who worship of the godess britannia

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  43. This valuable post, “This Time, Its Personal | hecatedemeter” displays that u truly comprehend exactly what you are talking about!
    I personally 100 % approve. With thanks -Kandy

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  46. Erasmus the blasphemous

    I’m not a pagan nor am I a practicing Christian. But Given a choice I will align with pagans every time.

    A couple of things here, no mistake these people use the veneer of Christianity and spirituality to mask their truly evil intentions of control and subjugation. they’re religiosity is a tool to reach like minded, weak minded and mentally ill people to do their dirty work. But ultimately they want control it’s their strength and their weakness.
    They aren’t crazy but they are unstable. Because of the open disdain for studying history or literature they fall for for anything. your best bet is to stay ahead of these people by having a wealth of knowledge and experience and to remember that everything they say is either a fanciful myth a misconception or a lie.

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