They Say a Witch Lives Here

Gwyndolyn cottage storybook Homes

I wish that I’d read this article about making a house a home before I bought my little cottage. Please read the whole thing, whether you’re still dreaming of your own home or whether you’ve lived for years in the place you were born to inhabit.

I especially like points 7 and 8:

7. When you hear the great-horned owl calling, take your daughter out into the night. Listen with her, and let the certainty of a second child bloom in the whos.

8. When your daughters run to you, calling excitedly about a frog or praying mantis, push aside whatever work lies before you, and show them by your keen interest that what they have discovered is the real work. Let them take down your field guide and flip the pages. Let their wonder feed your own.

I knew that I really lived here the first time that G/Son, then only two, and I lived through a thunderstorm here and then went outside barefoot, walked in the stream in front of the house, and sent prayers to the Potomac River. I knew that I would stay when I tucked him into bed, full of roast chicken, and apples, and cheese, and sang him to sleep under heavy covers.

I am the Witch of this place.

May it be so for you.

Picture found here.

5 responses to “They Say a Witch Lives Here

  1. Perfect. Three weeks ago our house burned to the ground. Fortunately we have enough land to plant a 1988 24′ trailer below the old homesite. It is indeed the points above that make your house your home, no matter where, no matter how old, no matter how cozy. Thanks.

  2. Great timing, I move in four weeks. To an apartment without a garden but a lot of land around it, so I shall go explore my neighbours. I love the poetry of the article you link to. And Baxter, blessings on your new trailer.

  3. Baxter, so sorry for your loss. I hope you can rebuild along your very own plans. As for me, I have done #9 numerous times. We used to have “be-ins” in the back yard when my girls were young. And I’ll never forget watching a total eclipse of the moon with my oldest daughter, sitting at a fire ring in the back yard. That was a lovely piece. All of the writing you do on homesteading, and the pieces you reprint, Hecate, are a solace to me.

  4. Baxter, sending blessings your way. Tess, hope the new apartment is a wonderful home. Anne, knowing your girls, I bet that evening was v. special!

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