Butcha Are, Blanche, Butcha Are*

Part of Donald Trump’s appeal to many who voted for him was his full-frontal attack on “political correctness.”  Apparently, Americans, as Senator Bernie Sanders recently  avowed, are sick of “political correctness.”

It’s never been entirely clear exactly what “political correctness” means nor why it is such a terrible burden.  It appears to mostly mean that you can’t call African American men “Boy,” grab women by the pussy, beat up gay people, nor assume that every peaceful Moslem is a terrorist while assuming that every white man who shoots up public places is a nice guy who was, inexplicably, emotionally disturbed.

Wow.  No wonder you couldn’t wait to shuffle off that terrible yoke.

Be that as it may, we are now officially in the non-PC era.  I wonder if Trump voters ever considered what that might mean for them?  Because, you know, we’ve (and by “we” I mean the majority of Americans who did NOT support Trump) been being politically correct towards ya’ll for quite some time.  Well, those days are over.  Buckle up, you deplorable Buttercups.

Trump voters sneer at the rest of America and label all of us “coastal elites,” (including the working class people who live in America’s large cities (many in the South and MidWest) and sell the groceries, process the data, build the buildings, rake the leaves, clean the offices, serve the breakfast sandwiches, and fill the potholes).  Trump voters presume that they get to decide who is and who isn’t a “real American,” and they are certain that they are and we aren’t.  Most of all, Trump voters are angry because they perceive that we think they’re “stupid.”

Well, you know what?

We do.  We do think you’re stupid.  Really, really stupid.

We have for a long, long time and, now, thanks to you, we no longer have to be politically correct and pretend that you’re merely “economically insecure”or that Democrats just haven’t found the appropriate (politically correct) way to “reach out” to you and convince you to stop shooting (often literally) your own damn selves in your own damn diabetically-nerve-damaged feet.  We no longer have to tell ourselves that we need to respect your “cultural” attraction to the flag of defeated traitors; we can just flat out admit that you’re racist tools of people who use your racism to manipulate you.   We are finally free of the need to pretend that your fetish for guns is based upon ancestor rituals involving hunting deer or geese; we can just do the un-PC thing and say that you have tiny penises (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and love shooting African American men and getting away with it.  We will never again have to try and imagine that you really do love America; you’ve shown us how quickly you’ll declare allegiance to (even!) Vladimir Putin as long as he validates your tribal need to “other,” well, anyone else.  We’ve been relieved of the burden of pretending that your up-is-down-black-is-white version of “Christianity,” is anything more than a way for slick operators to separate you rubes from your money and sell your vote to their corporate overlords who then screw you over economically.  While you, stupid as you are, lap it up.

No, thanks to you, we can finally say what we’ve always known, whispered to each other,  and believed but been too PC to say:  you’re just incredibly stupid.

Whew!  It’s such a relief!   Ya’ll were right!  Political correctness WAS what was wrong with America.

There’s a saying that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result.  But I think that’s wrong.  For many years, I worked with people who were actually, clinically insane and they didn’t keep doing the same thing over and over.  They were erratic.  They refused to do the same thing even when it would have served their interests.  Insane people constantly surprise you.  But ya’ll, you’re so fucking consistent it’s scary.  No, I think that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result isn’t insane; it’s just stupid.  If you saw someone keep shooting his own foot in an effort to make his shoes fit, you wouldn’t think he was sadly clinically insane.  You’d call that dude stupid.  And you’d be right.

And ya’ll are just stupid.  In fact, you are so stupid that I don’t think Democrats need to figure out how to “speak your language” or “reach out” to you.  I just think Democrats just need to figure out how to win without ya’ll while you kill your own damn selves off.  Which won’t be difficult, given actual, factual demographics (that’s a big word that means:  “changes in how many white people there are in the overall population”; you can Google it).

It’s been well known for some time now that Trump voters vote against their own self interests.  All of the nice liberals have been at pains to attribute this to something other than stupidity.  But now that we are, thanks to Trump voters, post-PC, maybe we can all just belch, fart, have a beer, and admit the truth.  Ya’ll are stupid.  Red state stupid.

For quite some time, it has been a demonstrable fact that, overall, people in blue states live a lot better than all ya’ll in the red states.  In fact, tax dollars flow from those damn, elitist blue states, where they love them some tax-and-spend liberals, to the red states, where the Tea Partiers hate all those exploitative government taxes.  It’s as if those snotty, well-educated people in the blue states understood that everyone benefits from laws that insure ensure clean water, taxes that pay for good interstate highways, and court systems that dispense justice that everyone can accept.  And as if ya’ll Trump voters were too stupid to understand the same damn facts.

But it’s more than that.  By almost ANY measure you can imagine, people in blue states live better lives than people in states where Tump voters dominate.  We live longer than ya’ll.  We are healthier.  We are better educated. We watch less porn.  We are less likely to get divorced.  We are less likely to die from heart disease.  We are less likely to commit suicide.  We are less likely to become pregnant while in our teens.  We are less likely to have children that we didn’t plan and prepare for.  We are more likely to read books.  We are more likely to have health insurance.  We are more likely to save for our retirement.  We are more likely to eat fresh food.  We are more likely to go to parks.  We have less crime than ya’ll.  We’re less likely to smoke.

So why is that?

Why is it that, for example, teenagers growing up in blue states are less likely to wind up with unplanned teen pregnancies than teenagers (aka your kids, aka the Palin children, aka Evangelical children) growing up in red states?  And what does that say about why ya’ll are stupid?

Well, in red states, people decided, a decade or so ago, that schools should only teach “abstinence education” and not real sex education.  In other words, out of a (it turns out, stupid) concern that showing teens how to actually prevent unwanted pregnancy (aka, here’s how to use condoms, here’s where to get an IUD implanted, here’s how the Pill works) might cause some teens to — horrors! — have sex, school systems dominated by Trump voters decided to stop teaching teens how to actually prevent pregnancy and to, instead, just tell teens not to have sex.  OK, lots of us liberals didn’t think that made sense, given what history shows about teenagers and their proclivity to have sex, but, OK, being PC and all, let’s pretend that we should support the Evangelical ministers who deliver the Trump voters to the corporations every year and let the red states give abstinence education (along with all the purity balls, male virgin pledges, and just-say-no rallies) a try.

Well, to the surprise of not a single person who understood being a teen ager, how sexual desire works, or, OK, basic human psychology, that experiment didn’t turn out so well.  The result was lots of teen pregnancies and all the ills that attend unprepared, immature parents and unwanted pregnancies.  Real world consequences, almost all of them bad, in exchange for”coastal elites” pretending that Trump voters weren’t dumb as doornails.

But, OK, let’s not call the Trump voters stupid, well, not yet.  That wouldn’t be PC.

Because surely after 2, 4, 10, a dozen years of such data, Trump voters would look at the facts and say, “Well, damn.  We’ve got to do something else.  Too many teen agers, whom, as we know, are unprepared to be good parents, are having babies.  Guess that abstinence education wasn’t enough.  Here’s an idea!  How about, in addition to still telling teens how good it would be if they abstain from sex, we also show them how to prevent pregnancy if, as has been the fact throughout human history, they still DO decide to have sex?  Let’s now try that for a decade or so and then compare the results!”  Well, no.  That didn’t happen.  In spite of the facts, Trump voters doubled down and insisted even more strenuously on abstinence education.  In other words, they kept doing the same thing in hopes of a different result.  They did so in spite of the very different results from other states that, not dominated by Trump voters, taught real sex education.

This is, by my definition,  stupid.

But maybe one example isn’t enough.  Let’s look at some others.

Let’s talk about “trickle down” economics.  Way back, a few decades or so ago, a nice young man named David Stockman showed up and told all you Trump voters (you were “Reagan Democrats,” back then) that the real problem in America was that we were making the rich people pay too many taxes.  If we could only cut rich people’s taxes, Mr. Stockman told all you Trump voters who lived in states that benefitted from federal taxes, then the nice rich people would have more money to spend and they’d spend it making jobs that would benefit all of you dumb fucks.  Mr. Stockman never explained why if we taxed rich people and let the government spend that same money on things such as, oh, I don’t know, roads, or school buildings, or clean energy, that wouldn’t also benefit all of you dumb fucks, but, hey, OK, it’s wrong to call all ya’ll stupid, so let’s give that nice Mr. Stockman’s ideas a whirl.  What do you think?  A decade?  A quarter century?  How long would it take to convince you supposedly-not-stupid Trump voters that actually giving tax breaks to people who already have too much money simply results in them saving more money and not in them spending more money that winds up in your pockets?  Well, here we are, more than a quarter of a century later, and it turns out that trickle down economics have never worked.  When those evil Democrats hold the White House, deficits decrease, spending on jobs goes up, the overall economy does better.  But, hey, maybe Trump voters are just slow learners.  Let’s not call them stupid just because they can’t learn from almost a half century of economic trends and keep doing the same thing even when it does’t work.  That wouldn’t be PC.

Let’s not, as Trump urges his voters, dwell on the past.  Let’s focus on the present.  Let’s talk to Trump voters whose actual lives depend upon government-mandated health insurance.  Here’s a woman who admits that her husband’s very life depends upon what Republicans were happy to call Obama-care.  She voted for Trump.  “Why?”  we nasty, elite, coastal liberals ask.  Why would anyone vote against her own self-interest in this way?  How can we continue to think of this woman as not stupid but as, merely, someone to whom the Democrats have failed to appropriately (PC-enough) reach out????  Well, she knew that Trump (and Republicans) had promised to get rid of her husband’s health insurance, but she didn’t believe that they’d do so.  In spite of the fact that Republicans have attempted dozens of time to repeal Obamacare.  In spite of their specific promises to get rid of it.  However, when she heard Trump promise to bring back coal-mining jobs, something no reasonable economist or person thought he could do, she believed that he’d do so.


Listen closely to me.

That woman is stupid.  There’s no nice way to coat what she says or what she did.  She’s just stupid.  Don’t be like this woman.

And listen to what else she has to say.  Good Christian that I assume, nice liberal that I am, she must be, what really sets her off?  Some poor children getting Xmas gifts.  No, really. She justifies her vote for Tump based upon the fact that some poor children got Xmas gifts.

I’m supposed to turn myself into a pretzel making nice to this shit?  No.  No.  No.  That is not going to happen.

These people are every bit the racist, sexist, evil assholes that we women and people of color tried to tell all y’all they were and you all were all like, “Oh, look at this white boy who was economically insecure so he joined the MRA and the KKK and started doxing the woman who was the volunteer party state head of some conference.”

I understand that this is difficult for white men, but, no, the Democratic Party is not going to regain control by appealing to stupid white voters.  They haven’t supported the Democrats for about the last half century.  Pretending that that is going to happen is every bit as stupid — doing the same thing and expecting a different result — as is continuing to teach abstinence eduction and hoping that it will decrease teen pregnancies in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Women and people of color are through being PC with you liberal bros, too.

  • In the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, one elderly sister says to the other that she couldn’t treat her so badly if she weren’t confined to a wheelchair.  The other sister replies, “Butcha are, Blance.  Butcha are.”  Republican’s couldn’t use and abuse red state voters if they weren’t so stupid.  But they are.  But they are.


22 responses to “Butcha Are, Blanche, Butcha Are*

  1. Yes, very sharp and on point, the politically incorrect, sharp point of a drawn sword being stabbing at an opponent. Good stuff!

    And stay away from the bimbles. So much to be done.

  2. This was great, Hecate! This sentence made me laugh – and I mean serious belly laughing!

    Mr. Stockman never explained why if we taxed rich people and let the government spend that same money on things such as, oh, I don’t know, roads, or school buildings, or clean energy, that wouldn’t also benefit all of you dumb fucks, but, hey, OK, it’s wrong to call all ya’ll stupid, so let’s give that nice Mr. Stockman’s ideas a whirl.

  3. Great analogy.I think the best part of that movie was the final reveal that Blanche was confined to the wheelchair because she had been driving and had essentially tried killing Jane. So her life confined to a wheelchair was her own fault, and she let Jane take the blame. Seems like this is exactly what most Republicans do: vote against their own self-interest and then blame others for the mess afterward. Excellent post. Cheers, M

  4. As they say, stupid is as stupid does – and they are, I know a few and I’ll vouch.

  5. Solar System Wolf

    I’m pleased that I no longer have to give any deference to the idea that Republicans are the party of “family values.” People who voted for Trump have no values that they aren’t willing to toss aside when it suits them. It’s a relief to no longer listen to the moral scolding.

  6. Excellent essay.

  7. I love you. This made me feel better just reading it. 😘

  8. I have wasted way too much time trying to explain things to people who are too stupid-stubborn to get it because I’m too politically correct to admit they’re too stupid-stubborn to get it. Too politically correct and liberal to admit they’re too stupid-stubborn to get it. I’m over it now.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hecate, this is a powerful cri de couer It is SO time to speak truth to stupid.

  10. Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    Thanks so much for this essay, Hecate.

  11. thanks, Hecate. a barn burner and right on.

  12. With you!

  13. Spelling Trumpzi

    Ensure not insure.

  14. This is the mind frame of a Trump voter: I may have to live in a cardboard box and eat Dollar General cat food, but I wanna git dem dam der uppity wimminz and minorities. I wanna get dem dam gud. YEEEEEEHAAAAAWWW! My mama and auntie is da same persin!

  15. I’m pretty on board with this except for the implication that white men are uniquely blameworthy here. White women turned out in droves for Trump.

  16. Such wonderful writing and thinking!

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  18. You’re still being too kind. They’re not stupid, exactly.

    They wanted to be sweettalked, so they believed the con, which is, yeah, stupid, but a different kind of stupid from plain stupid. It can’t be fixed by patiently repeating information, for one thing.

    All that sexist racist garbage was the whole point, for them. What it meant to them was they were going to be the important ones for a change. They were going to be the ones who got the money.

    That’s why it actually makes sense that they thought both he’d give them their jobs back and not take away their health insurance. They thought they were going to get all the goodies.

    Plus, big bonus, he said it was okay to kick all the scum who belonged beneath them. That proved he was in their corner, right?

    I don’t know what’ll happen when they find out they’ve been swindled and only Goldman Sachs is going to keep getting gold-plated toilets. Blame it on witches, probably.

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