The Magical Battle of America


If you’re doing magical Resistance work, you should really get ahold of and read The Magical Battle of Britain.  This collection of the letters that Dion Fortune wrote to her magical group during World War II demonstrates how England’s occult workers fought the Nazis.  Fortune sent out a series of magical workings for her followers to perform on the astral plane.  The plan was for everyone to work together on the same day of the week, at the same time.  Sable Aradia’s written an excellent summary of what Fortune did and how it worked.  She explains, inter alia, that:

Dion Fortune’s magickal act worked on several sound magickal theories:

  1. She believed that trained ritualists could combine their efforts to influence the collective Will of the British people, not any one individual.
  2. She utilized easily-recognizable culturally-based spirits and egregors whose meaning would be intuitively understood by thousands of people.
  3. She drew upon spirits and egregors already associated with the purpose for which they’d been called.
  4. She created simple acts of magick that could be easily imitated, and contributed to, by a wide range of individuals in disparate geographical locations.
  5. She was doing a Working in a cause that thousands of people were passionate about.

It seems to me that any act of magick intended to influence the actions of such a large group of people would do well to keep these principles in mind.  Trying to get a large group of people to do something complicated is challenging.  Trying to get them to do something simple that they feel strongly about is much easier.

Beginning next Saturday, I’m going to post a weekly series of similar workings adapted to these times and to the current Resistance.  I don’t expect, in today’s world, that everyone will be able to work at the same time, but I also think that’s less important, especially on the astral level, than it is for as many people as possible to engage in the work.  However, to the extent that you can set aside a regular time each week when you’ll join the working, that’s probably a good thing.

Here’s some prepatory work that I’d like to ask you to do.

  1. Place and/or strengthen the wards on your home (or the place from which you’ll do the working).  This doesn’t have to take a long time and you can find online a number of ways to do it.
  2. Read Sable Aradia’s summary and, if you can, get a copy of Fortune’s book and read that.
  3. Decide when and where you’ll do the work.  If possible, you may want to make a small altar with pictures of your ancestors, pictures of American mythical and/or historic figures, a candle, flags, whatever reminds you of why you joined the Resistance.
  4. If you feel comfortable doing so, please leave a comment below explaining why you will commit to this work.

Our country and our world are under attack from dark forces.  As a wise person once said, “We’re Witches.  We should do something about that.”

I shan’t be gone long.  You come, too.

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27 responses to “The Magical Battle of America

  1. Wonderful! So glad you are doing this. I’m in!

  2. Jessica Shoemaker

    I am 100% in.. ❤

  3. The key phrase is “_trained_ ritualists.” Reading some books and going to some rituals and experience doing some spells =/= what Dion Fortune meant by “trained.” There has also been no mention of the recoil that the magic workers faced after the fact. For every action there is an equal opposite reaction. From the article linked to: “It’s said that the magicians of that cabal paid a very high price; most of them suffered from chronic health problems thereafter; two locals who may have been part of the New Forest Coven contracted pneumonia and died that year; and Crowley was dead within two years of the war’s end.” Fortune died in 1946.

    I really dislike the “slumber party” approach to this work that I’ve seen over the past few months: “Hey guys! Come over! I’m hexing the president!” or “Next week let’s do a binding! Here’s the ritual I wrote, but you can change it to whatever you like best!” No continuity, no focus, and too much public attention to make it effective.

    I would like to see people being strategic about their work. A group working together using the same praxis and techniques and focus is going to get much further than random untrained folks who are basically throwing stuff against a wall to see what will stick, not knowing that what they throw can bounce off that wall to hit them instead.

    • The Magical Battle for Britain was conducted via correspondence course and what Hecate is proposing is a modern take on that. I’m looking at the people I know who are saying that they are in and…I do ritual with many of them on a somewhat regular basis. We are all trained. In addition to our personal practices, many of us do have ongoing magickal work we are doing as part of the resistance…in my case, daily practice as well as organizing larger rituals and workings. I don’t see a problem with sharing mod (but not all) of the rituals that I do with others who are interested but maybe can be in Washington, DC to do them. As for it not being effective…I think we are being effective. We are less than a month in and I am seeing effects of the work we are doing. So, what I am seeing around me and with the folks with whom I work…and Hecate is one…there is nothing “slumber party” about it. That is your projection and it is way out of alignment with what I am seeing. I feel confident that what Hecate will provide is strategic…because that’s her m.o.

    • I would humbly suggest that “recoil” will only happen if what you do is based on fighting, fear or hate. If it is based on a simple, positive intention such as strengthening democracy or the true and original spirit of America, then all should be well.

    • Thank you for saying exact what was on my mind.

  4. I’m in.

  5. I know you and trust you. I may not be _trained_ in any sort of thorough way, but I believe that any intentional work for the safety and continuity of our democracy is a worthy undertaking. I will participate, and I await your directives to help me with the craft.

  6. I’m in, as far as recoil goes, I’m willing to risk that for myself. I only wish I could shield my loved ones from any potential blowback. 😑 I think a certain amount of quiet is good as well, if the whole interwebs knows every detail I feel it could weaken things.

  7. I’m in.

  8. I’m in. Feels more ‘right’ than the other one that is going around..the one that instructs you to use ‘tiny’ orange things on your altar with orange candles. I’ve worked and held shields around my home and altar space for quite some time so no worries on that account. But yes good time to renew them.

  9. All in here! I’m on the opposite side of the country – in Washington State. I’ve read Fortune’s letters and once worked something based upon it fir four months, alone. More, in this case, should be better!

  10. I’m in. I believe we need this. I think the need is more important than training level. Even the most experienced is not proficient in all areas. We will all learn and grow.

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  12. Thank you to everyone for the comments. i’ll have a post about this tomorrow. Please check in and comment.

  13. Dark of the Moon — Feb. 25th. I’m In.
    Been noticing way too many shards of Shadow slithering into daily activities. Catching creeping nastiness challenging correspondence and civil discourse over a dinner table. Side glances in a shop that cause sudden cold whole-soul shivers. And way too many nasty unsettling dreams. Weeds choking out the garden.

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  15. I am so wanting to be of help. My heart aches when I think of all who will be hurt, especially the young ones, if this atmosphere of hate continues. I’m in.

  16. PeaceCrone here! I am finding my yoga classes to be of great benefit these days. May I suggest a resounding OM to begin and end whatever ritual you create?!? That could be a common bond to unite us all, no matter what your tradition, level of experience or geography! OM! the ancient and universal sound of unity!

  17. Oh, I’m so relieved to find this blog with this initiative! I’m English and have read and mulled on Dion Fortune’s work for many years. Tho not a USian and not living in the USA, I have been feeling a deep desire and call to take part in a Magical Battle of America. (That includes the other countries on the American continent which are seriously affected by actions taken by the USA.)
    So, being a solitary, I’ve been applying the guidance that Fortune gives as diligently as I have been able. One of the incredibly important teachings she gave when some of her team asked about sending negativity towards Hitler, was that this was NOT the way forward. Adjuring hatred was of paramount importance. The focus was always to be on the building up of the moral strength of the British people to enable them to withstand and to overcome this appalling menace to their freedom and to civilised values.
    Reading the letters she wrote about a year into the magical battle, one reads that she sees great success in this area: the morale of the British people was incredibly more upbeat than had been dreamed possible when war had first been declared.
    I was born three years after the end of WWII, and my mother, a Londoner whose family home was destroyed in the Blitz, often spoke of the indomitable will of ordinary people in those days. Especially during the Blitz, which people handled with very little evidence of PTSD – tho such psychiatric effects had been expected by the British government.

    Anyway – I’m burbling!
    But, if you will have an elderly English magical worker; I’m in!

  18. I’ve been working through Fortune’s book already. Love the idea of a group

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