There’s Really Only One Question the Press Should Be Asking Trump Voters


During the campaign, the press published hundreds of interviews with Trump voters — you know, real Americans.  People (mostly white men) who lived outside of our urban centers, who didn’t have too much of that elitist book-learning, who longed for the good old days when America was “great” because women and minorities knew their place and every man was free to pollute and despoil to his heart’s content.  There were three million more people in this country who supported Hillary Clinton, but one rarely heard about them.

Now that Trump is President, nothing’s changed.  We’re treated to near-daily articles about Trump voters:  those who still support him, those who may be beginning to have some qualms, those who were sure he’d bring back coal jobs but not deport their friend, or take away their health care, or continue to act like an ill-bred jackass.

I, for one, agree with Charlie Pierce:  I don’t feel any sympathy for these people.  They had access to the same information about Trump as did the rest of us:  that he sexually assaults women and brags about it, that he wants to use nuclear weapons, that he hates Muslims and immigrants, that he surrounds himself with Nazis, that he lies more often than he tells the truth, that he got rich stiffing contractors and investors, that he can’t be bothered to prep for a debate or to read reports, that he blurts out the most inappropriate things in the most inappropriate places, that he was clearly playing footsie with Putin, that he’s a weapons-grade narcissist, that he’s likely in the throes of dementia.  In short, that he was, exactly as Hillary Clinton, dozens of life-long Republicans, tons of retired military experts, and nearly every editorial board in the nation said, temperamentally unfit to the the President.  And still, they voted for him.

And here’s what I have to say to the Trump voters who are now beginning to see the error of their ways:  “Sorry” isn’t good enough.  When you fuck something up really, really badly, it’s on you to fix it.  You owe the rest of us, who are now having to live with the results of your fuck up.  (Third-party voters and those who couldn’t bother to vote, I’m looking at you, here, too.)

If you caused this omnishambles, you have an obligation to be at every protest.  You have a duty to be on the phone to your elected representatives every damn morning.  You need to write a big check to the ACLU.  It’s your job to register voters and knock on doors for every special and interim election between now and 20 Goddamn 20.  When you see someone attacking people because of their color or religion, you’re the one who needs to get up and stop it.  You better be volunteering to repair the gravestones in Jewish cemeteries.  Sitting at the diner and telling that big city reporter that, gosh, gee, you were a-hopin’ Trump would magically bring back the buggy-whip factory, er, AOL office, um, coal mines so you can’t really be blamed for the fact that immigrant parents are being ripped away from their children just isn’t going to cut it.  The smart lady in the pantsuit had an actual plan to bring green energy jobs to your town — jobs that wouldn’t have left you with black lung — and you yelled “Trump that Bitch!” and “Lock her up!”

And, by the way, American media?  If you’re going to go out and do an interview with every single one of these damn fools, how about asking them what they’re going to do now to fix the mess they made?  That’s something I’d actually care to read.

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6 responses to “There’s Really Only One Question the Press Should Be Asking Trump Voters

  1. I’m still wondering why the hell the popular vote doesn’t count. If it was a football game and the team that got the most points couldn’t win because….well, long time ago,…..white men would go ballistics and say….”it’s rigged” We are being ruled by a minority, who is about to trash our country, it’s about time we got mad!

  2. I have yet to meet a repentant Trump voter, but when I do, I will tell them to live a very long life. I want them to watch their children and grandchildren suffer.
    Am I being too cruel? Motherfuckers. (my favorite new word)

  3. Hear, hear. Charlie Pierce was on fire today. But, sadly, I agree with SW: I’ve yet to meet a repentant Trump voter.

  4. I know someone who sat out the election because she couldn’t stand HRC,”she’s so dishonest, I don’t trust her” blah blah blah. My three year old likes to play with her daughter. She’s an immigrant from Romania. I really don’t know how to deal with this person. I don’t want to deal with her. She’s very anti trump, but rather than go to the Women’s March, she went to the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay for the weekend. WTF!!!! Her husband is in “stocks” and I think she was, too, at one time. So, they’ve both benefited from American capitalism and openness (her husband is from Peru). But they can’t stand up for the country that has given them so much. It makes me sick.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, and have met 2 Trump voters who actuallly regret their decission, although they aren’t being activists…. baby steps. So maybe there’s hope for more people to come around.

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