I’m Not Going to Be Nice About this Shit


NB:  While I’m happy to have discussions in my comments section, I’ve already deleted several comments that repeat Russian bot talking points and slurs that have long been discredited.  I’ll delete any others that appear.  There’s actual research about who voted for Clinton in the primaries and the general, what words she used most in her speeches, what policies she advocated, etc.  Your irrational hatred for Hillary Clinton simply demonstrates your unconscious sexism.  Please take it elsewhere.  Thanks in advance.

Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened is due to be released September 12th, but some passages have already leaked.  One, in particular, has gotten a lot of press.  You can read it above.  Headlines such as “Clinton Blasts Sanders” make it sound as if she says terrible things about him.  Of course, any time a woman says anything less than adulatory about a man, she’s being a shrew and a bitch, she’s castrating him, she’s “blasting” him.  But look at what Clinton really says.

  1.  She and Bernie Sanders agreed on so much.
  2. Sanders shared her horror at Trump becoming President.
  3. She appreciated Sanders’ campaigning for her in the general election.
  4. Sanders was correct that Democrats needed to strengthen their emphasis on working families.
  5. Sanders was correct that, due to our insane campaign finance system, there’s always a danger of spending too much time courting donors.
  6. Sanders engaged a lot of young people in the political process for the first time, which is extremely important.
  7. She wishes Sanders were a Democrat.

So that’s 7 positive things.

Let’s look at what else she says.

  1.  Sanders resorted to innuendo and impugning her character.
  2. Sanders couldn’t, when challenged, name a single position or vote that Clinton had changed due to a financial contribution.
  3. His attacks caused lasting damage and paved the way for Trump’s attacks.
  4. Sanders got into the race to disrupt the Democratic Party.
  5. Sanders is fundamentally wrong about the Democratic Party.

So that’s  5 negative things.  (Maybe.  We can dispute whether #4 is negative; Sanders himself would probably agree that’s why he got into the race.)

That’s what it’s like to be a woman in America.  You says 7 positive things and 5 negative things about a man and you’ve “blasted” him.  OK.

The liberal bros have been out in force on Twitter demanding that Clinton shut up, complaining that she had the nerve to write a book and give her side of the argument, and shrieking that it’s time to “move forward.”  Look, Clinton’s book is already a best-seller and her speaking tour sells out of tickets within minutes.  Millions and millions of women (and some men!) like her and want to hear what she has to say.  No one is making you buy or read a book you don’t want.  But the days when the liberal bros got to police what women say, when they can say it, what tone they have to use, and how many pats on the head it would take to turn a few factual criticisms from a “blasting” to a reasonable discussion — those days are over, my friends.  And if you are so sincerely concerned with “moving forward,” well, then do so.  Even Hillary Clinton, with her terrifying powers of being a woman who says things, can’t, just by writing her memoirs,  stop you from moving forward.

So, go for it.  Move forward.

Champion a candidate or candidates you think can win in 2018 or 2020.  Draft the platform, slogan, message, or campaign strategy that you’d like to see the Democrats pursue.  Write (Please!) the article or book that explains how Democrats can win in spite of gerrymandering, voter suppression, a hostile media, foreign interference in our elections, Citizens United, etc.  Hopefully, you’ve got more than “Visit Wisconsin.”  Fundraise.  Phonebank. Canvass.  Register voters.  Run for office yourself.  Not only can Hillary Clinton’s book not stop you, but, through her new organization,   Onward Together, which is “dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election and encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office, [and which] will advance progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come,” she might even help you.

But if you’re not doing those things, if, instead, you’re spending your time having a fit that a woman said something less than admiring about a man, then forgive me if I don’t believe you care nearly as much about “moving forward” as you do about moving backward, to the good (for you) old days when the liberal bros got to tell the rest of us what to do, what to say, and how we could say it.  I’m so old I remember those good old days, when women were told that our place in the movement was on our backs or in the back room making coffee and running the mimeograph machine.  I’m so old, I remember Robin Morgan’s beautiful Goodbye to All That.  Some of you bros may be too young to have read it.  I invite you to do so now and get used to it.  Otherwise, you’re going to have as difficult a time living in the 21st Century as your brothers on the right.

I think Hillary Clinton was very nice to Bernie Sanders in her book.  I, on the other hand, am not nearly as nice as she is and I’m not going to be nice about this shit.


49 responses to “I’m Not Going to Be Nice About this Shit

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. I knew you’d write it. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Goddam yes. Well said.

  3. All those poor little snowflake fee-fee’s.

  4. Well said. I’m old enough to remember that shit too, and guys like Bernie.

    • I’m curious what kind of guy you think Bernie is, and why. Sounds very negative but I can’t figure out specifically what you’re accusing him of.

  5. thank you for this, I couldn’t agree more. Secretary Clinton was and is a scrupulously honest person and a gifted, generous public servant. And here’s the thing it was never ‘but her emails’. It was always ‘but her gender’. That is if we’re going to be as honest as she is.

  6. Smo. King. Perfect, on-target, brilliant!

  7. I agree with you Miriam Benson. SHE was an awful candidate who ran an awful campaign. And this book only serves to further divide not bring together the party she claims to love.

  8. From http://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/07/12/pitfalls-trying-get-male-left/ :
    “The left has abandoned women’s interests consistently since the dawn of feminism. Way back in 1830, working class women in France who were part of the Saint-Simonian socialist movement gave up on trying to work with their male comrades and organized a separatist movement. In the mid-1800s, male abolitionists consistently discouraged and even explicitly prevented women in the abolitionist movement from speaking out about women’s rights, claiming it was a diversion. The American radical feminist movement announced its departure from the New Left with a straightforward “fuck off,” having learned that no matter how much they supported male-led struggles, women were still going to be treated as sex objects, wives, and secretaries. This is not a new lesson. We try and continually fail in our efforts to ally with the left, because leftist men, for centuries, have shown us that our interests are unimportant — that we are unimportant. In other words, radical feminists did not abandon the fight against capitalism, they abandoned the men who proved, time and time again, that their interest in revolution only extended as far as their dicks.”

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you …… and hope I’m not wrong simply ‘cos I’m a man but the puerile dismissal of this book by so many commentators who purport to be liberal or left or simply middle-of-the-road really bothers me. Hilary is more than entitled to put her view of her experiences on the record and I wish her the best of luck in all that she does in the future ……… as do I wish all women the best of luck and all of my support in the seemingly never ending struggle for simple equality.

    • Sanders and Trump are deadly virus. Let’s keep taking those Vitamins C and maintaining our resistance stronger than ever.

      To all Trump’s Cult members and Bernie Bros. Be fooled by your leader twice, SHAME ON YOU. .

      Here is 100% Cure suggestions: Bernieactomy, Trumpactomy, GOPactomy.

  9. Barbara Gravelle

    Bravo HecateDemeter!

  10. BRAVO! Thanks for writing this – tired of all the Hillary backlash AGAIN! ridiculous.

  11. Wonderful. I am so old that I no longer have the patience to stroke male egos and remain silent. Thanks for your eloquence!!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  13. Great article but the title of the book is ‘What Happened.’ No Question Mark. She’s not asking what happened, she is telling us. Punctuation matters!

  14. Lovely, and expresses my thoughts better than I could myself.

  15. Ya haven’t lost a step. Ya plum Killt it!
    Deepest regards!
    All best: Woody

  16. Thank you for this and for the reminder that Goodbye to All That exists; lovely to revisit a treatise I haven’t read since college. It’s heartbreaking how we are still fighting *so many* of the fights from a document written the year after I was born.

    To wit, “To hell with the simplistic notion that automatic freedom for women–or nonwhite peoples–will come about zap! with the advent of a socialist revolution. Bullshit.”

    Your writing is one of my rocks during these dark days. Thank you for taking up this mantle.

  17. Thank you !

  18. HALLELUJAH !!! Thank you, Sister, for NOT being nice about this shit.

    • I am positive that her book is brilliant and intend to get my hands on a copy as soon as it is published on this side of the Atlantic …….. and to all of you, please stop being nice about everything and anything. Just because we men are possibly or supposedly shocked by a woman’s failure to adhere to notions of civility that we daily fail to live by ourselves does not mean to say that we ARE actually shocked or discommoded in any way. I certainly am not and hope (a long shot possibly) that all men might feel the same way 🙂

  19. this is great… yeah, we’re OVER the (mostly white male) media telling her to STFU.

  20. I love Robin Morgan, too, and remember, and can’t believe we keep saying the same things over and over again. Thank you for this blog!

  21. Thank you! I read the excerpt and was like, THIS is what people are upset about? It was really very kind to Sanders. Just more Hillary Derangement Syndrome nonsense.

  22. Meanwhile, Bernie basically says in his own book that aHillary unfairly won because she cheated. How did she cheat? By getting people to endorse her before he decided to enter the race. Boo hoo hoo. And the system that existed before he chose to run as a democrat didn’t change to favor him because he was such a special guy.

  23. Thank you. It also bugs the shit out of me the “how dare she write a book”. “Let’s move forward” as if she is stopping them. Welcome to the 21st century century liberal guys. It’s just a memoir. Don’t read it it it bothers you.

  24. I’m so glad a found this, and that I checked it out at the source. Facebook blocked any further comments. Effing cowards.

  25. weird that so many people who don’t live in wisconsin didn’t vote for her because she didn’t visit wisconsin. i had no idea that wisconsin meant so much to so many people. wisconsinites are likely very flattered.

  26. Veronica Parker Zielinski

    There’s an excellent Frontline (aired on PBs) sexploration of the history of Clinton and the history of Trump, for a look into what has gone into the formation of her political persona. Worth watching- helps to understand the battle she was fighting.

  27. Reblogged this on Auntwheezie's Blog and commented:
    Very well said. This is definitely a book I will be purchasing.

  28. Brilliant piece. But for some of the responders here, don’t you dare turn this around on “the left”. I have a been an active leftist my entire so-far 57 year life, and there is nothing period full stop “left” about sexism and misogyny. The Bernie bros are LINOs. They like to call themselves leftists and socialists and progressives, the whole gamut – but their actions and words show they are anything but. Calling oneself a radish does not mean you will taste great in a salad.

    • Irminsul, I take your point. I do. And thank you for saying this. But this past election got me all the way over any desire I ever had to “No True Scottsman” for my liberal bros. I once thought that, in spite of what Robin Morgan tried to tell me, liberal men really were feminists. What I’ve learned is that many, many, many of them are not. I now cherish even more the ones who are, but I’m a stone-cold realist and the reality is that many, many liberal men are sexist. I’ve been very careful to refer to “liberal bros” and not “Bernie bros” because I know some men who supported Bernie in the primary but were good allies during the general and I know some men who voted for Clinton but are clearly sexist jerks. It’s been a sad dose of reality for me.

  29. Katharine Rose Covfefe

    Yaas! Unleash the beast! We can no longer be polite about this shit. I’m sick and tired of being told I’m not “progressive” because I fucking hate Bernard.

  30. Sanders and Trump are deadly virus. Let’s keep taking those vitamins C. Stay healthy. Keep the resistances stronger than ever.

    To all Trump’s Cult members and Bernie Bros. Be fooled by your leader twice, shame on you.

  31. I appreciate this post where you analyse a passage from the book. It genuinely has me questioning the common narrative. I will read it for myself before I comment or pass judgment.

    Never heard that phrase “the Liberal Bros” before, though, and I’m not sure its a good look. I don’t think its fair at all to push the narrative that HRC is disliked solely for her gender. A lot of women (and people of color) preferred Sanders in the primary. I read many condescending alienating inaulting comments from wealthy white men who favored Hillary during that primary season, parroting those ID politics lines. And I saw many posts from women and poc supporting Bernie for specific strategic and policy reasons, only to be dismissed as naive and ignorant by this relatively wealthy white male cohort of centrist democrats

    • Ben, Thanks for mansplaining that to me. I think maybe you must have skipped over the part where I noted that “the days when the liberal bros got to police what women say, when they can say it, what tone they have to use, and how many pats on the head it would take to turn a few factual criticisms from a “blasting” to a reasonable discussion — those days are over, my friends.”

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