When Democrats Vote, We Win

I copied this off Twitter earlier and now can’t find who posted it, but they’re making an important point.

Good morning to 69 people who decided NOT to stay home yesterday and defeated the chair of the VA House Republican caucus.

People are probably sick of me saying this, but local races matter — a lot.  Midterm races matter — a lot.  This race was won by 69 votes.  It will have a disproportionate impact on the entire state of Virginia.
We did well last night because, as is too often not the case, Democrats showed up to vote in the midterm races and voted all the way down the ticket to their local races.  When we do that, we win.

One response to “When Democrats Vote, We Win

  1. Leigh Walton posted it on FB and Pissed Off Women Over 50 And Pissed Off Friends Of Women Over 50 sent it on. I shared it also! Delighted is not even half the feeling I have today.

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