What’s Your Wish List?

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Can you feel it? The Blue Wave? It’s coming. Even Paul Ryan knows, and that dude is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’s cravenly (but I repeat myself) abandoned his caucus with nearly 7 months to go before the election.

And yes, we need to continue to donate and canvas and phone bank and write postcards and campaign like we’re 20 points behind.

But it’s also really important that we not get caught with our pants down.

My wish list includes:

  • Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico
  • Ending partisan gerrymandering
  • Overturning Citizens United
  • Restoring the Voting Rights Act
  • Adding more Representatives to the House so that a Representative in Wyoming or Rhode Island represents the same number of people as a Representative in Texas or California
  • Restoring voting rights to returning offenders (I’m actually not so sure they should lose them in the first place. The rural districts in which they’re incarcerated get to count them towards House apportionment. But they can’t vote? That smacks of some 3/5 Compromise bullshit.)

I’m not trying to permanently get rid of any persons or policies with which I disagree. I want to re-level the playing field for the clash of ideas, and may the best one emerge victorious. But that requires one person – one vote, legislators who are answerable to the voters, voters who choose their legislators (and not the other way around), and preventing a handful of billionaires from creating a bought and paid for political system. That’s what all that stuff I listed above is designed to do.

My point is that we have to do the prep work for these issues NOW. We can’t wait until the Democrats are next in power to be all: “Champagne’s drunk. Confetti’s cleaned up. Now what do we want to do?”

Nope – we have to start making plans right away. That means identifying the legal path – including standing and likely cases – to be able to make change at the Supreme Court. That means doing the legwork to be ready to admit DC and PR the second we have Congressional majorities (and no, neither requires a Constitutional amendment – check your history). That means supporting the work of people like the Rev. Demetrius Jifunza of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. Write the policy NOW. Identify the cases NOW. Work the magic NOW.

In the meantime, in case you need a little inspiration:

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8 responses to “What’s Your Wish List?

  1. Great list.

    Also, I want the ERA. I want every Dem judge confirmed ASAP and using the same “instant” procedures the Republicans used. And, I want Don Beyers’ Fair Representation Act ( https://beyer.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=616 ) passed. I want instant voter registration, and “no reason needed” early voting, and voting by mail. If it takes us a week or so to count votes, I’m cool with that. I want 9 women on the Supreme Court and half of all Senators & Congresswomen to be women, i want a guaranteed minimum income paid for by taxes on all property worth more than $550,000, 000, and a 75% tax on inheritances over $100 million. I want straws and plastic bags banned. I want free college through the PhD level. I want teachers to be paid the same amount as the highest-paid CEO who lives in their state (including stock options, pensions, etc.). I want a carbon tax of, oh, let’s just say, 250%. i want free, effective, birth control for everyone, real sex education, and free, appropriate day care for infants and the elderly.

    I can keep going . . . .

  2. Hell yeah to all of that. And to McAuliffe for restoring voting rights. I went to my County’s Democratic Party LGBTQ+ meeting last night – we had a Delegate to speak with us, as well. It’s not much but I’ll be doing what I can at the local level to get Democrats in control and get them fighting for the things we need.

  3. 1)ERA
    2)EPA restored
    3)One Person One Vote
    4)Single Payer Healthcare

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  5. when you’re right, you’re right. repeal citizens united, get money out of politics. indict trump, his spawn and his minions for treason

  6. Fruit of the Poison Tree: tRump is an illegitimate president, so everything he did, signed or anyone he appointed is also illegitimate, null and void.

    Investigate/prosecute ANYONE in GOP who knew anything about Russia-tRump and obstructed in anyway

    Make presidential and congressional election days a federal holiday.
    Have a federal holiday/ three day weekend in each and every calendar Month.
    Establish a explicit Right to Privacy, by Constitutional Amendment or other wise.

    Audit and reforma the Military. eg: army air corps, marine air corps, navy air corps, US Air Force. Why do we need 4 duplicate air forces?

    Prosecution of Bush/Cheney re torture and aluminum tubes.

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