The Magical Battle for America 4.15.18

I have been re-reading Dion Fortune’s letters from the magical battle of Britain and a biography of her written by Charles Fielding and Carr Collins.  What strikes me is the physical and spiritual devotion that she poured into this battle.

Of course, thousands and thousands of English men and women poured all that they had into Britain’s battle against the Nazis.  Poor English fishermen and women got into their tiny wooden boats and braved the waves over to Dunkirk to bring back as much of the existing English army as they could fit into their boats.  They mostly seemed to have done this without complaining, without making too big a deal of it, without expecting much reward.  Poor English mothers, in London, put their children onto trains, with their names and contact information safety-pinned to their sweaters, and hoped that other English mothers, out in the country where the bombs weren’t falling every night, would take their children in, feed them, tuck them into bed, read them a story.  And, indeed, English women in Cornwall, out on the Moors, in the wild places of Wales, found room in their homes for English children, to keep them safe from Nazi bombs.

So, today, our magical working is a bit different from other weeks.

On this New Moon in the beginning of Spring, I want to ask you to consider:  What that is precious to you are you willing to set free in order to keep it safe from the Nazis now in the White House?  What are you willing to take in, inconvenient though it may be, in order to keep it safe from the Nazis now in the White House?  Are we willing to sacrifice as much as Dion Fortune?  As much as a London mother, whose husband was somewhere in the RAF, pinning her name and address to her daughter’s warm sweater?  As much as a Geordie spinster, bringing two London children into her home, fluffing up the warm quilts for them?  As much as an English fisherman, setting out, as neither he nor his fathers had ever done, out of sight of the English coast, all the way to France?




One response to “The Magical Battle for America 4.15.18

  1. Yes!! We can and will do all that and some new things that need to get done in our time MHO!!

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