The Beltane Fire Society has collected some lovely materials to help you celebrate Lughnasadh.  Here are three short videos about this wonderful holiday.

2 responses to “Lughnasadh

  1. Thank you for these wonderful snippets! I have to keep reminding myself that my brain needs good things too. I can’t ignore what’s happening in the world, but I can nourish my mind with content such as this.

    We know a better world is possible, so all the cruelty and negligence of Lord Dampnut and his enablers is difficult to process, let alone fight. But medicinal tidbits like this help keep us strong and grounded.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! I agree that we need good things — esp. now. Nature. Music. Poetry. Art. We need to remind our Younger Selves that what we see with our eyes isn’t the way it has to be.

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