Elections Have Consequences

Colin Greene

And sometimes those consequences are bad.

As Hecate often points out, Virginia loves elections so much they have them every year – even years are federal elections, odd years are state.

Sure enough, last fall, Virginia voted for governor, lt. governor, state AG, their entire House of Delegates (state Senate is up next in 2023).

Whether due to a noted quirk of Virginia politics (they almost always choose a governor opposite whatever party holds the White House), bullshit fearmongering about Critical Race Theory, dissatisfaction with the Democratic candidates, Democratic voter apathy, or some combination of the above, ALL the above offices flipped from blue to red, leaving only a Democratically controlled Senate to act as a brake on Glenn Youngkin’s Trumpish agenda.

As Hecate ALSO points out all the time, elections have consequences. And sometimes the consequences look like the asshat whose picture heads this post, Dr. Colin Greene, Youngkin’s racist (and probably sexist and homophobic, too, let’s be real, it’s a known trifecta of bad) commissioner of public health.

As the Washington Post reported earlier this week, Dr. Greene is so fucking fragile that even the utterance of the word “racist” in his presence offends his delicate white ears and sensibilities, and so he’s decided that, rather than accepting literal REAMS of data from places like the American Public Health Association, the University of Virginia, and HARVARD that proves that systemic racism causes significant disparities in population health outcomes, he wants to waste scarce resources to “start over,” presumably until he can find someone who’s willing to provide bogus “evidence” of what he clearly already believes: anything bad that happens to Black people – particularly Black women – is their own damn fault.

Elections have consequences, and sometimes those consequences are bad.

Meanwhile, you know what else is coming up?


Remember what happened in 2010?

Dems didn’t bother to turn out, Republicans controlled the messaging on the Affordable Care Act (anyone else old enough to remember their ridiculous BS about “death panels”?), and President Obama spent the next six years with his agenda basically stymied, falling back on executive orders that TrumPutin overturned the SECOND he got in the White House and vetoing crackpot Republican legislation left and right. Probably not exactly what he’d been hoping for when he ran for president.

Hecate has been writing recently about the dangers of online “activism” and she’s 100% right. If you ACTUALLY want to create change, shit posting on Twitter or arguing with Racist Aunt Edna and Sexist Uncle Fred and Homophobic Cousin Tim on Facebook are 1) a goddamn waste of your time and 2) actively dangerous, because they deceive you into thinking you’re out there on the front lines making a difference.


(Honestly, even marching qua marching (even if it’s a BIG march) is kind of pointless when it comes to making real, long-lasting change. It’s exciting and empowering and creates a sense of solidarity and can even be fun. But without a movement to back it up with a solid strategy and clear plans for carrying that strategy out, it’s really just getting a little exercise while waving a sign.)

Do you really want to make a difference?

You know what to do, and it’s the hard, often dull, often unrewarding, two-steps-forward, one-step-back work Hecate and I write about (and do ourselves) all the time. Register voters. Write postcards. Phone & text bank. Canvass. Enter the data the canvassers bring back. Donate. Talk to your neighbors. Volunteer for your local Dem party. Host a meet-and-greet for a local candidate. Go to the city council meeting. Get to know your local, state, and federal legislators and talk to them REGULARLY about your concerns. Think carefully about your framing. Run for school board.

You know who does all that? Republicans. And, after nearly FIFTY YEARS of, mostly, failure and disappointment, they’re about to overturn Roe. Because they played the long game and did the boring shit, even when it wasn’t resulting in an immediate payoff, positive media attention, social media clout, or a bunch of likes from their faves.

GET (and I cannot say this strongly enough) THE FUCK TO WORK.

Image from the Washington Post

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3 responses to “Elections Have Consequences

  1. I second what she said.

  2. I vote a resounding AYE!
    And thank you.

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