Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki on Nazis and the Occult


I’m slowly transcribing more and more of my conversation with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki  concerning Dion Fortune’s  Magical Battle of Britain.  The portion below picks up where I left off on May 3, 2018. (By the way, Diotima is listing these conversations, along with the weekly workings, over at her blog.)


Me:  Let me ask you this.  Some of us are coming to feel that [Trump] and, perhaps, he and some of the people around him, this Bannon creature and some of the others, are not acting entirely on their own.  That there may be something. . . .

DAN:  Yeah, I get what you mean.  There’s something behind this.  That he’s being manipulated.

Me:  I’m one of the most practical, down-to-Earth, least superstitious Witches in America, but it feels to me like there’s some possession perhaps going on, that something evil is acting.  I think some of these people are normal political hacks, but some of them I’m beginning to be more concerned about.

DAN:  You know, when people talk about possession they always seem to say,
“Oh, I’m being possessed by . . .”  But, you know, the human spirit is totally unique, each one. And the only thing you can be possessed by is what is inside you.  And people who are possessed are being possessed by the unbalanced force in themselves, already there.  There are people who can take advantage of that, but they’re not the possessors.  All possession starts within.  It’s when you say to evil, and the Bible says this, “Be thou my good ,” that is when you open up [to possession].

I think he is totally immersed in himself.  He is here in this position because he’d done everything else.  He was a multi-billionaire, he’s got more wives than you can shake a stick at.  Yeah, the man is a little boy with too many toys.  And a little boy with too many toys can be dangerous.  He doesn’t want a toy boy and arrow; he wants a real bow and arrow.  Regardless of the fact that he might just kill somebody with it, you know.  If the worst really came to the worst, and all this erupted into a kind of all-out war, he’d be the first in his shelter, cowering.  “It isn’t my fault.  It wasn’t my fault.” That goes without saying.

The thing is people say, “What can I do?  I’m only a little group; I’m only one.”

It only takes one.  One can be a whole group.

Solitary people don’t need to be in a group.  They don’t need to be part of an order or anything like this.  Because, remember, going back to the necklace, on a really good pearl necklace, each pearl is knotted separately.  And the knots are very, very strong.  So, the solitary people are the knots.  The groups are the pearls.  But the cord that runs together is what holds everything together.

It doesn’t matter how small a group is, or, as I say, only just one, so long as what is done is done for a specific purpose and everybody has that purpose in mind.  No kind of, “Oh, we’ll add this and we’ll add that.” No, because as soon as you do that, you split your power and this was one of the things Dion Fortune was particular about. It had to be one-pointed. “You cannot come.”  Not, “you can’t come this particular way; you can’t invade from the sea, “ you know.  “You can’t come.”  Period.  However.

And, also, you have to think about what would replace it if you get there.

Me:  Good point.  And, of course, his replacement is no gem, either.  My feeling is — and some of the other people that I work with feel — that Pence is more “controllable.”  Pence is not as likely to start go start an atomic war because it’s a toy that he has that he has that he wants to play with, you know, as you were just saying, the little boy with the arrows.  Well these are atomic arrows that this guy wants to play with.  But clearly the work of what’s now being called the Resistance — to elect Democrats, to change our electoral system, to try to reform our media – I mean it’s such a multi-faceted . . . .

DAN:  From what I have heard of this man who might possibly take over from him, you’re exchanging one evil for another.  What you want to do is not just get rid of that group; you want to provide something to take its place.

Now, rightly or wrongly, and I know nothing about your politics, but it seemed to me that Hillary at least knew what it meant to be in control.

Had I been able to vote, she’s the one that I would have voted for.  Not merely because she was a woman, but because, you know, she’d been brought up in this.

Me:  Absolutely.  And she’s obviously very, very intelligent, you know, understands what’s going on, had seen it at the level of Secretary of State, and a Senator and . . . .   So, I was a huge Hillary supporter and will always be unhappy that she wasn’t [elected.[  But it was not only that I thought that she’s so good, but that he’s so bad, and I just couldn’t believe people voted the way they voted.

DAN:  And it was so close.

Me:  Oh, it was very close.  Close enough that in some . . . .

DAN:  Yeah.  I’m with you there.

Me:  You will never completely convince me that there wasn’t some chicanery going on there.  Just close enough in in just the right states . . . .

DAN:  Mmmhmm I’m with you every step of the way there.

Me:  One of the other things that has been sort of like a myth in America for years is the idea that the Nazi forces, Hitler’s forces, were using occult means, as well.

DAN:  Yeah, they did.

Me:  You think they did?  Could you talk a little bit bout that for me?  And I’ll tell you why it matters now is these people call themselves Nazis; they are literally taking their pages out of Hitler’s book.  And so we’re wondering how many pages might be taken.  So anything you could say about that would be very helpful.

DAN:  Well it’s very common knowledge that Hitler was up to his neck in the occult.  He even went so far, as, I believe it was maybe one of his astrologers, or one of the people, was actually Jewish, and [Hitler] protected him because of his ability.  He certainly had an inner group in one of the castles that he had.  The basement was made into a temple and human sacrifice was used.  That is kind of well-known amongst occult circles.

/To Be Continued

Picture found here.

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