Daily Practice

You no doubt read often that it’s important to have a “daily practice.” As Pagans, we assume responsibility for our own spiritual development and a daily practice is a large part of that.

But what is it? That, like most things in Paganism, depends. And, it can (and should) change.

Often a daily practice involves grounding and centering and some form of meditation and/or visualization. It can include chanting, praying, drumming, dancing, yoga. Some people include a method of divination: pulling a tarot card or rune to give them guidance for the day. Many Pagans light some incense or a candle to help them to focus or to slip into the right frame of mind.

“Practice” implies that you repeat essentially the same set of steps every day and teachers often say that even if, at first or on some days, not much seems to be happening, you should just return tomorrow for more practice. I agree, but I also think that practice can grow stale. If your daily practice isn’t doing anything for you, it may be time for you to switch things up. I’ll sometimes listen to a guided meditation when this happens to me. Then, I’ll see if going back to my regular routine works. If not, it’s time for a “walk and talk” with Hecate and then to try something new.

What’s your daily practice?

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4 responses to “Daily Practice

  1. Just started 7 week Shamanic Journey. Also trying to get into meditation.

  2. Deborah Brooks

    How timely. My current practice was leaving me wanting something more, so I’m in the process of identifying and adding some additional components and tools that resonate. I expect it will be a perpetual WIP

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